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The Leo  July 23 - August 22

The Leo. A zodiac sign authoritarian and accustomed to luxury. The powerful king of the jungle is in charge of everything. Full of life and courage. Proud and fierce of himself. Leisure and unbeatable. Unfortunately has a strong sense in the self above-evaluated. The Lion and the Lioness say what they think. Without any fear. Leo can be very generous, and the right partner will remain faithful all his life.

This Zodiac sign loves the challenge. He wants more than what he has but it is tolerant of novelty and the past did not know what to do. His goal is always the highest of all.

How to conquer the Leo man:
To win over the Leo you must respect and admire his honest pride. It should help you become even more rich and get even more luxury in its environment. The goal of the lion is the highest of all. The male lion needs a woman who is like a rock behind him and that is good into bed. Otherwise, if you will find other.

How to conquer the Lioness:
To win you should first invite Leo woman in a fancy restaurant. Then you can go to the Grand Hotel. In order to be able to keep it true and it must be straight, very ambitious and determined. At Lioness likes compliments. We must show them that has a strong partner and good taste, with determination, runs upwards. At Lioness not like stingy and puppets, remember that.

Popularity: Much loved or hated, no partition, given that the Lion is working his shoulders. <

Temperament: Very passionate, frankly and courageous without any fear.

Character: A person proud of herself, who loves his freedom. Very ambitious. The luxury, power and wealth are very important to lions.

Patience: Little.

Sex: Very important. Without any problems and very passionate.

Fidelity: Loyal only to the right partner with others is not faithfully.

Family: Children do not miss anything.

Capacity to impose: Extremely high.

Business: Manager, director, president, business person, general an independent professional.

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La vita coniugale tra il Leone e gli altri segni zodiacali, senza prendere in considerazione i segni cinesi:
Perfect relationship between Aries and Leo. This report may even last a lifetime. The Chinese signs can not easily destroy it, even if they are conflicting.
The luxurious Lion, full of energy, along with the peaceful Taurus grazing grass. 2 heads of wood completely different. Both of them without any fear or anxiety. The fire of Leo with the passage of time made them see red at Taurus. But the hottest nights of love could keep this couple together for too long.
Lightnings energy hold together the Lion and Gemini. They will have a strong desire to travel and take lots of risks together. The Luxury of Leo will not disturb the Gemini. This is a good connection. Here can only disturb conflicting signs from China, but no more.
The Lion, king of the animals, along with cancer at home. With 2 excellent Chinese signs it may be a union passable. But woe to the day when cancer will notice the Lion poacher ...
2 identical signs of the zodiac are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may be bored. Do something!
The Virgin of great importance given to financial security, with its second-hand clothes, along with the Lion that calls for the luxury and risk everything. This may not be good. Maybe thanks to the Chinese zodiac signs this report may take several months. But not much more.
The elegant Libra will gladly leave to dress trendy Leo. Here it predicts evenings in fancy restaurants, opera, theater, nightclubs and the like. Any children in common in the evening you can let your grandparents, do not you think? This is an excellent report which, by good Chinese signs, can be nailed for a lifetime.
The poisonous scorpion, commander in chief, together with the Leo king of the animals. Both of them without personal problems, they say immediately, what they think. But unfortunately, will always take the opposite view. Already common on waking in the morning, after a night of fire and love is programmed the catastrophe. These are a relation practically impossible.
Perfect relationship between Leo and Sagittarius. These 2 fire signs you understand the fly. Also Sagittarius is not never hurt the pride of the Lion. The Chinese signs here can disturb only a little or perhaps establish strong this relationship for a lifetime.
The Lion, accustomed to luxury, together with Capricorn, maybe buy her clothes at second hand. This union can not last long. Pure Chinese signs will not be able to help much.
The Aquarius being tolerant, understands the Lion well. The destination of the evening will be definitely a common agreement, because the Lion listens to the Aquarian. It will be a good match.
The water of the fish is able to extinguish the fire of Leo. Fish, who love peace, let the Leo all its freedom, even if you do not understand. It is a relationship that depends mainly on the Chinese signs.

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