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The Taurus  April 21 - May 20

The calm and patient Taurus who is not afraid of anything. A realist, not very tolerant and materialistic. Money is important. Its 4 hooves are nailed to the ground. Very conservative and traditionalist with high sense of responsibility for the family. The family they can trust 200% on his Taurus and after as well friends. The time that elapses is the best tool for the bull waiting for the right moment to go at a gallop. The Taurus is a master of time. A slow thinker very neat.
Often it's not sporting. Instead, it is a gourmet who often has a few extra pounds.
The Taurus is very vindictive and never forgets the wrongs or the praise..

The bulls father and mother never neglect their children and want a comfortable home.
Every 10 years the Taurus seeing red. Then he breaks down the apartment, but without ever touching their partner and children. The anger unleashed on material goods. But after that, the issue that sparked the Taurus, will forever be put on record.
Taurus man is a calm and peaceful partner, as a final result lowers his head and off at a gallop. Whatever the cost. At that moment, his enemies will stop laughing. Perhaps forever.

The woman Taurus, it is very sensual and sincere. If it finds the right partner this will have no chance to sneak away. Then the woman Taurus can even become irrational. Every 10 years explodes her as well, and then we will need a new table service. Why will dismantle everything that lies between the fingers.

How to conquer the Taurus man:
A man Taurus, will seduces, inviting him to your house. Candlelight, live piano music in the background and an impeccable dinner. Faced with a plunging neckline female Taurus male it remains paralyzed. Can not take my eyes off it. Do not forget it. Then, you want to lose your head to a Taurus outside is simply a waste of time. If you want to seduce him, then under the roof or in the car.

How to conquer the Taurus woman.
To win the woman first Taurus is invited to a restaurant where the food is good and the music is not too high. A small bouquet of flowers would be great. Then is invited in their own apartment or will seduces affectionately in the car ..... Do not invite them to a sporting event, because most of the "Taurus womans" do not know what to do. It is a waste of time.

Popularity: Very popular, peaceful because willingly helps but is not tolerant.

Temperament: No temperament. He is calm and waits for the right time to do a gallop.

Character: Calm, without any fear, frugal and orderly. It is very vindictive, but nevertheless peaceful. You can criticize. There are no obstacles that with time can not be overcome. Time works for the Taurus. dodges never a problem .

Patience: Patience without limits.

Sex: Very important with a lot of eroticism, in any position. Sex is a normal thing for the Taurus.

Loyalty: At the right partner loyal for life.

Family and children: Pronounced sense of high responsibility towards family and children.

Capacity to impose itself: Very high in the long run even higher. It is a rock that does not dodges.

Professions: No matter what profession, the Taurus has the time to learn it. Accountant and administrator professions are ideal. Over time reaches the position of general manager. It is a diligent worker and laborious.

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Married life between Taurus and the other zodiac signs. The love compatibility, without taking into consideration the Chinese signs:
Aries and Taurus have sex and family in common. But then nothing. Already quarrelling for example of how to set the table for lunch. If you put together, neither of them wants to leave family and kids and so is predicted to life a hell.
2 identical signs of the zodiac are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may be bored. Do something!
The household Taurus with the travelers Gemini. An impossible connection. This relationship can only last a few years if the chinese signs are good among them. Otherwise, this report will be of very short duration.
Sex and family are very important for Cancer and Taurus. There are also many other things in common. But with the passage of time the not justified jealousy of Cancer will see red to loyal Taurus.
The luxurious Lion, full of energy, along with the peaceful Taurus grazing grass. 2 heads of wood completely different. Both of them without any fear or anxiety. The fire of Leo with the passage of time made them see red at Taurus. But the hottest nights of love could keep this couple together for too long.
Taurus and Virgo will come together in perfect harmony. It will be a perfect relationship, that even Chinese signs contrasting manage to destroy it.
The elegant Libra could lose the head to Taurus. But he should leave, because after a year will not be, only shards and bad memories. If, however, should join, then the balance is placed in a small paddock of Taurus and woe to those who watch it for too long. And before that Taurus and Libra forget it will not be long. They have nothing in common and you may want to let it go.
Taurus and Scorpio live in harmony with each other. Both need a lot of sex and they both want to control. However, the Taurus is well able to hide his request to conduction, and so does not disturb the power-hungry Scorpion.
The earth of Taurus is able to extinguish the fire of Sagittarius. Nevertheless, it could be a union passable, if the Chinese signs corresponded well with each other.
Taurus and Capricorn are a perfect union. The Chinese signs may disturb only a little, but never destroy this relationship.
2 peaceful signs and both know what they want. Taurus and Aquarius. They will always have the same opinion. In addition, the Taurus is very homely, while the Aquarius loves freedom, which means friends and travel.
2 signs that love peace and a comfortable home, to which the family is the most important thing. Fish seduce the Taurus with their feelings. It is a relationship that will last very long.

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