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The Scorpio  October 23 - November 21

The sensitive and passionate Scorpio. Strong sexual attractiveness. In the middle of the speech takes out the sting and stings all the way. Scorpio does not love persons stingy and the skinflints.

The power, his authority and his passion make the Scorpion a zodiac sign problematic. With the perfect partner you create a wedding paradise. Otherwise it is hell. Scorpio does not do things by halves. All or nothing. Scorpio is a water sign, and together with Cancer, belongs to the two signs of the most jealous. It is a person of strong will with a high ability to impose themselves in every situation.

How to conquer the Scorpio man:
The Scorpio man should provoke a bit to get him out of his shell of iron. Get dressed very sexy and a little provoke affectionately. Stay very feminine. Show him who is the biggest and the best of all.

How to conquer the Scorpio woman:
A Scorpio woman knows if you take and how you seduce a man in a short time. Already with his sexual attractiveness quickly attains the purpose. Only a passionate man will be successful at the Scorpio woman. He must have the temperament and be honest with yourself. Do not look at any other woman when you are with her, otherwise you'll have to contend with a long and poisonous sting of Scorpio female. You will fall to the ground stone dead.

Popularity: Less loved, because introverted and people do not understand, though it is ready to help everyone. Just ask.

Temperament: Cold and moody.

Character: Very authoritarian. A person who is not afraid of anything. Immediately says what he thinks. Highly jealous.

Patience: Medium to high.

Sex: Very important and highly passionate. In each position. There is now no problem.

Loyalty: Very faithful to the right partner, the others are only to be consumed.

Family and children: Very responsible towards his family.

Capacity to impose itself: Very high.

Professions: Manager, team leader, Sergeant Major, Chief Accountant, debt collector.

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Married life between Scorpio and the other zodiac signs. The love compatibility, without taking into consideration the Chinese signs:
Ariete e Scorpione si attraggono reciprocamente con il corpo, ma non con l'anima. Una relazione tra questi due termina sempre in una catastrofe. Nemmeno 2 ottimi segni cinesi possono aiutare qui molto.
Taurus and Scorpio live in harmony with each other. Both need a lot of sex and they both want to control. However, the Taurus is well able to hide his request to conduction, and so does not disturb the power-hungry Scorpion.
Gemini and Scorpio are so different that they should resign right from the start to a common relationship. The destruction of their relationship is already programmed when it starts. A very impossible connection. Not even the Chinese signs will be able to hold together this union.
Cancer and Scorpio are the perfect relationship. Here they join 2 very sentimental people, with many features in common. The sex and the family are also important for both. Chinese astrology can interfere only a little, but certainly never destroy this perfect connection.
The poisonous scorpion, commander in chief, together with the Leo king of the animals. Both of them without personal problems, they say immediately, what they think. But unfortunately, will always take the opposite view. Already common on waking in the morning, after a night of fire and love is programmed the catastrophe. These are a relation practically impossible.
Scorpio will receive from the Virgin at night a little less than what you want, but his love for the Virgin is perfect. With a couple of good Chinese zodiac signs here you can celebrate the marriage to the diamond.
By the firmness and honesty of the Scorpion, along with the fantasy of Libra, who does not want to follow his "boss", a report will result very poisonous. There is nothing good for the future between these two. Perhaps the Chinese Zodiac signs can hold together this report for 2 or 3 years. But no more.
2 identici segni zodiacali sono sempre armoniosi tra di loro. Ma attenzione, vi potrebbe venire a noia. Fate qualcosa!
The firmness of Sagittarius and Scorpio can make well these two friends, but married life in common leads to the certain catastrophe. 2 commanders with very different points of view.
Capricorn and Scorpio have a harmonious relationship between them. If this harmony is good or bad it will determine to Chinese astrology.
The Aquarius just maybe we will survive for several years with the Scorpion. But in the long term these signs are will seperate. There will come a day where the Aquarian will never be seen again. An insufficient connection.
Pisces and Scorpio are the perfect relationship. Even the Chinese Zodiac signs here will be able to annoy. From this relationship will be a lot of harmony. There will be understood by day and night.

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