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The Pisces  February 19 - March 20

A very sensual and tolerant zodiac sign. Fish are misinterpreted as daydreamers. But it is not true. They are thoughtful people with a lot of imagination, but they are with their feet on the ground, even if sometimes the head is in the clouds. Fish are very calm and love the deep water. They reflect a lot and only after making a decision, but for peace can also take a way that they themselves do not like: I'm a little 'introvert, pessimistic but not negative in their deepest thoughts. Pisces is thoughtful, peaceful and loving.

Fish believe in a superior Creator and try to understand all the mysteries. But do not dream, but rather they reflect a lot about these mysteries. Sometimes it is believed that the fish are not realistic, but those who know them well know how to say the opposite. Even the great sense of responsibility towards the family, the children, the spouse leaves assume a great sense of reality.

The fish are the best drivers of cars that have won 1/6 of all world championships. According to the statistics, however, should have won only 1/12. This also proves that they are very decisive and without any dwellings, contrary to what is said. Some important drivers: Nikki Lauda, Alain Probst, Jim Clark, Mario Andretti and many others. This zodiac sign is capable of bringing a race car to its limit.

How to conquer the Pisces man:
To prime the man born under the sign of Pisces serves a very feminine woman. Must flush out the fish that is hidden between the stones. With kindness and affection you can not catch it very quickly. Once trapped and place in his home aquarium should, however, be affectionate and women for a lifetime.

How to conquer the Pisces woman:
To prime the woman born under the sign of the fish we have to spend wisely and knowing how to listen. Encouraging words are used to much for this pessimistic. The rest is then as if.

Popularity: The most popular sign, because it is ready to help others without asking for anything, peaceful and tolerant.

Temperament: Temperament sensual and affectionate.

Character: Sensitive, modest and benevolent. A little pessimistic, but not too much.

Patience: Very patient.

Sex: Very important, passionate in all its variations.

Loyalty : Absolutely true.

Family and children: Highly responsible towards family and children.

Capacity to impose itself: Very high, even though it seems. But maybe this is just their makeup.

Professions: All medical professions, social office clerk, accountant, engineer, architect, racing driver.

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Married life between Pisces and the other zodiac signs. The love compatibility, without taking into consideration the Chinese signs:
Pisces and Aries do not create a good relationship. But the very sentimental Pisces can soften a bit Aries. And if the Chinese signs are good, then this relationship can last long. Otherwise not.
2 signs that love peace and a comfortable home, to which the family is the most important thing. Fish seduce the Taurus with their feelings. It is a relationship that will last very long.
Will retain the Gemini Pisces romantically and with respect. But often absence in the house of the Gemini will break this relationship.
Cancer and Pisces are a perfect relationship. Here we are 2 people found sentimental that you understand the fly. Also, the family is very important for both of us.
The water of the fish is able to extinguish the fire of Leo. Fish, who love peace, let the Leo all its freedom, even if you do not understand. It is a relationship that depends mainly on the Chinese signs.
2 very homemade signs that means perfectly. They have much in common. This union will hold up for long. Problems may arise only if the Chinese zodiac signs are really at odds.
Libra and Pisces love peace, but they have nothing in common. But just for the sake of peace and a good Chinese constellation this pair could be together for a long time.
Pisces and Scorpio are the perfect relationship. Even the Chinese Zodiac signs here will be able to annoy. From this relationship will be a lot of harmony. There will be understood by day and night.
The sentimental Pisces could be treated too harshly by the Sagittarius full of temperament. But thanks to love the peace of Fish and a couple of good Chinese signs, this relationship could last a long time.
The Pisces understand very well the Capricorn and take the right side. And if the Chinese signs are right, then this relationship should last a lifetime.
2 passive signs do not go well together. For the love of peace and respect for others, this union may endure for years. This relationship would even last for a lifetime. But it could get boring.
Cancer and Pisces are a perfect relationship. Here we have found 2 people who understand at once. Moreover, the family is very important for both. A perfect connection.

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