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The Virgo  August 23 - September 22

The most significant positive adjectives for the Virgin are: concrete, effective, hardworking, conscientious accurate, forward-looking, reliable, trustworthy, responsible and the like. The Virgin possess a realistic and judgment is always with feet and head on the ground.
The negative adjectives are stingy, too scrupulous, pessimistic and a bit 'cold.
The money it handles like no other. They do not put all their savings on the same bank, because they do not trust. The Virgin want the facts on the table, no clues. As parents are very conscientious and responsible.

The work and life are not games. You have to take everything seriously. Among the unmarried men and unmarried women the Virgin is in first place in the standings, because a spouse may be too expensive. I am very conservative and reflect a long time.

How to conquer the Virgin male:
To conquer the Virgo man needs a lot of patience. Invite him a couple of times with you at lunch made at home. Show them that you are capable of putting on the table a great lunch without being spendthrifts. And Attention: Do not say yes right the first time. Otherwise they no longer trust of your seriousness. Except if you know it for a long time of course. Maybe you come a little 'closer the second time and the third or fourth time the conquered altogether.

How to conquer the Virgin female:
To gain the Virgo woman need a lot of patience. Invite her the first time in a classic setting (restaurant, opera or theater). The second time, maybe to the movies, but not in a violent action movie. Pure nightclub you can skip it, unless it is a classic ballroom. Venitele each time getting closer and show them that you are interested in a long relationship.

Popularity: Very popular, sometimes hated for his coldness, since it is believed that this person is away. Instead it is much more than the average.

Temperament: very calm person and a bit 'introverted.

Character: A person calm, practical and reliable that does not throw money out the window.

Patience: High patience, almost unlimited.

Gender: : A need for a long time to warm up. With a little 'patience you can get her out of her shell.

Loyalty: Absolute loyalty.

Family and children: Very reliable and responsible towards family and children.

Capacity to impose itself: A short time poor, but long-term high, because the Virgin never loses sight of his goal.

Professions: Accounting, financial expert, bank manager, precision mechanic, dentist, watchmaker, asset consultant.

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Married life between Virgo and the other zodiac signs. The love compatibility, without taking into consideration the Chinese signs:
The Virgo and Aries do not have anything in common. If you accidentally were to join it will result in catastrophic relationship where only Chinese signs could hold her for a very short time. But not for long.
Taurus and Virgo will come together in perfect harmony. It will be a perfect relationship, that even Chinese signs contrasting manage to destroy it.
Gemini and Virgo are two different worlds. Can not be a long union. An impossible connection. Maybe with a perfect constellation of China is possible attain some years of relationship.
Between Cancer and Virgo there will always be harmony. The Virgin will cure the jealousy of Cancer and do not ever offend. Only the night can be a bit 'boring for Cancer, but if the rest is great, what does it matter? A very good connection.
The Virgin of great importance given to financial security, with its second-hand clothes, along with the Lion that calls for the luxury and risk everything. This may not be good. Maybe thanks to the Chinese zodiac signs this report may take several months. But not much more.
2 identical signs of the zodiac are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may be bored. Do something!
Perhaps the elegant Libra, attracted by the money of the Virgin, could lose his head at home Virgin. But immediately after the Libra want to go to dinner at a fancy restaurant. The first time might be okay, the second a little less and the third will be open war. Even the signs Asians can not help much.
Scorpio will receive from the Virgin at night a little less than what you want, but his love for the Virgin is perfect. With a couple of good Chinese zodiac signs here you can celebrate the marriage to the diamond.
The Sagittarius will never understand the Virgo who is always on the part of financial security. This union ends in open quarrel that will end badly. Even the Chinese signs here will not help much.
Capricorn and Virgo are the perfect couple together. Save a little 'too often find themselves together and go shopping in second-hand clothes shops. Hopefully the Chinese astrology will help them a little 'in spending money. Otherwise the evening you go to bed early and the light goes out immediately, because the current costs.
Aquarius and Virgo do not have anything in common. Pure astrology will not help much to connect these two together. They will separate without any second thoughts.
2 very homemade signs that means perfectly. They have much in common. This union will hold up for long. Problems may arise only if the Chinese zodiac signs are really at odds.

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