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The Aquarius  January 20 - February 18

The Aquarius sign is clever, witty, humanitarian, original and right. The Aquarius sign knows how to keep secrets. This is an excellent judge. Perhaps the best of all. It is very social and sensitive to the needs his intellectual friends.
The Aquarius man and woman need long reins. And they are happy and content and will remain faithful. They are not conservative and vindictive.
Aquarius hates violence. But for peace and democracy they're ready to throw Molotov cocktails, and fight to the last drop of blood.
The Aquarius man is an excellent all round home-maker, especially in the kitchen. Because they do not want to depend on a woman.
Aquarius woman is not interested in house work. The spouse will have to do. If you have married a female Aquarius, then you need a maid. Aquarius women hare other qualities. They are excellent with children and provide them the best education possible.

How to conquer the Aquarius man:
The Aquarius man needs a great deal of freedom, many intellectual friends and many travels. He is interested in everything. Dress elegantly, think of interesting topics, and discuss it with him. Be spontaneous, loosen the reins a bit, otherwise forget it.

How to conquer the Aquarius woman:
The Aquarius woman needs flowers, small gifts and very long reins. Invite her to a cultural trip around the world. Beautiful hotels will open a paradise on earth. Always dress well. Do not try to detach her from her friends, or make her do the housework, otherwise she'll gently, but surely slip away.

Popularity: Very popular Aquarius are tolerant, polite, friendly, witty and fair.

Temperament: Normal to passionate.

Character: An intellectual kind who loves freedom and hates violence.

Patience: Normal patient.

Sex: Passionate and important. In all positions.

Fidelity: The Aquarius will be faithful only if you allow long reins. Otherwise they would be unfaithful or they would disappear.

Family: Aquarius are somewhat authoritarian but they rarely beat their children.
The Aquarius man is almost always better in domestic chores compared to their female counterparts. The Aquarius woman however is a perfect mother.

Likeliness to impose: For anyone who's interested the Aquarius sign, be warned that they are very imposing. But if his work is only important for the family and he does not care much, then even refuse promotions.

Business: Judge, mathematician, scientist, archaeologist, political, external service, office worker travels but also an artist and actor. Intellectual revolutionary.

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Married life between Aquarius and the other zodiac signs. The love compatibility, without taking into consideration the Chinese signs:
Aquarius and Aries can establish a good marital relationship. The Aquarius is a pacifist which is complemented by Aries assertiveness. They are both tolerant forward thinking.
2 peaceful signs and both know what they want. Taurus and Aquarius. They will always have the same opinion. In addition, the Taurus is very homely, while the Aquarius loves freedom, which means friends and travel.
Gemini and Aquarius is perfectly understanding and of each other they will live in perfect harmony. An excellent connection.
The just and peaceful aquarium might bear to stay for some time near Cancer. But the day will come that the jealousy of Cancer will be the final blow to the Aquarian. Then it will never be seen again. An insufficient connection.
The Aquarius being tolerant, understands the Lion well. The destination of the evening will be definitely a common agreement, because the Lion listens to the Aquarian. It will be a good match.
Aquarius and Virgo do not have anything in common. Pure astrology will not help much to connect these two together. They will separate without any second thoughts.
Aquarius and Libra understand each other perfectly. They have many things in common. This union can survive over a long period.
The Aquarius just maybe we will survive for several years with the Scorpion. But in the long term these signs are will seperate. There will come a day where the Aquarian will never be seen again. An insufficient connection.
The union between Aquarius and Sagittarius is always good. Both are fanatics of justice and the Aquarian is a great judge. With a good mix of Chinese signs here, there can be create a solid relationship.
For love of peace Capricorn and Aquarius could be together for some years. The duration of this union will be determined by the chines signs of this couple, because they are not signs that have much in common. But the day will come where Aquarius will flee. An insufficient connection.
2 identical signs of the zodiac are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may be bored. Do something!
2 passive signs do not go well together. For the love of peace and respect for others, this union may endure for years. This relationship would even last for a lifetime. But it could get boring.

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