Leo - Pig

The double sign of the zodiac Leo - Pig

The Pig is capable of reducing the gait right the speed of Leo. It is a Leo enthusiastic and exciting. But also of a Pig full of energy. This Leo never stumbles on his impetuousness and arrogance.

The kindness of the Pig compensates the arrogance of Leo. From these two signs put together is a balanced person who reaches any destination. Maybe a little later of the Leo normal, but firmly and without leaving scorched earth behind him. It is a dual sign very generous and loyal that he will always have a career in the workplace. The Leo-Pig is able to solve any task imposed on him.

The job runs it carefully to the words and follow the facts. Since this double sign is also loved and respected by his colleagues, there will be little which capable of hindering.

The family will not miss anything.

Here you search for a partner who is good at Leo because the Pig is able to go well with all the other signs. Therefore it will not be hard to find.

Prominent people VIP Leo-Pig:
Henry Ford 30.07.1863
Alfred Hitchcock 13.08.1899
Arnold Schwarzenegger 30.07.1947
Giulio Tremonti 18.08.1947

The Leo  July 23 - August 22

The Leo. A zodiac sign authoritarian and accustomed to luxury. The powerful king of the jungle is in charge of everything. Full of life and courage. Proud and fierce of himself. Leisure and unbeatable. Unfortunately has a strong sense in the self above-evaluated. The Lion and the Lioness say what they think. Without any fear. Leo can be very generous, and the right partner will remain faithful all his life.

This Zodiac sign loves the challenge. He wants more than what he has but it is tolerant of novelty and the past did not know what to do. His goal is always the highest of all.

How to conquer the Leo man:
To win over the Leo you must respect and admire his honest pride. It should help you become even more rich and get even more luxury in its environment. The goal of the lion is the highest of all. The male lion needs a woman who is like a rock behind him and that is good into bed. Otherwise, if you will find other.

How to conquer the Lioness:
To win you should first invite Leo woman in a fancy restaurant. Then you can go to the Grand Hotel. In order to be able to keep it true and it must be straight, very ambitious and determined. At Lioness likes compliments. We must show them that has a strong partner and good taste, with determination, runs upwards. At Lioness not like stingy and puppets, remember that.

The Pig

The happy and honest Pig. Diligent and laborious. At the workplace the most popular subordinated and most loved boss. It think positively. The Pig knows how to live the sweet life. But is fooled easily because of his honesty and respect towards others. Sometimes loses all his money because of his partner. Nevertheless gets up and continues his life positively. Sometimes a few extra pounds since it is also a gourmet.
The Pig hates bickering and wailing.

How to conquer the Pig man:
To win over the Pig must put some sexy and she undertakes a part of seduction, as the Pig is a bit' shy. Chats a bit with him and show them that you find that the world is beautiful. Do not speak badly about others. Try to lure him with a good home cooked meal. He likes to see an apartment is well furnished and a good meal on the table. The rest of the seduction you need to do. If you definitely grab, then keep it to life, because it is a super-father and a super-husband.

How to conquer the Pig woman:
Do not get to discuss with the woman Pig. He does not like threads. Do not criticize anyone or anything. But a nice journey into nature and an excellent restaurant make soften this positive thinker. It is you who has to take something, that's what you want the woman Pig. As with all other women should look flawless. Classic or bluejeans, it does not matter. Do not forget that the woman Pig catches for life, not for a single adventure.

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