Leo - Horse

The double sign of the zodiac Leo - Horse

A Horse in constant gallop. Two signs daredevils put together. Leo even more energy from the Horse. If you discover mistakes made by this dual sign, then you should shut up, otherwise you will be eaten by the Leo and the pieces that are trampled by the horses. The faults of others are used by this sign to prove their superiority. I own mistakes are hidden under the carpet.

The Leo-Horse want to change the world without spilling blood and starts ever do so. Their innovative ideas are well known.

On many jobs, that this sign is constantly changing, will go a long career. Their determination to impose their revolutionary ideas is well known.

The family will not miss anything. However, considering that the Leo-Horse in the evening often comes home late.

It seeks a partner here with a lot of patience and comprehensive. There should not even complain if the Horse-Leo comes out in the evening alone and come back the next morning. The bedroom and the hotel room are very important.

Prominent people VIP Leo-Horse:
Christian Mortensen 16.08.1882
Geoffrey de Havilland 27.07.1882
Jimmy Donal Wales 7.08.1966
Enrico Letta 20.08.1966

The Leo  July 23 - August 22

The Leo. A zodiac sign authoritarian and accustomed to luxury. The powerful king of the jungle is in charge of everything. Full of life and courage. Proud and fierce of himself. Leisure and unbeatable. Unfortunately has a strong sense in the self above-evaluated. The Lion and the Lioness say what they think. Without any fear. Leo can be very generous, and the right partner will remain faithful all his life.

This Zodiac sign loves the challenge. He wants more than what he has but it is tolerant of novelty and the past did not know what to do. His goal is always the highest of all.

How to conquer the Leo man:
To win over the Leo you must respect and admire his honest pride. It should help you become even more rich and get even more luxury in its environment. The goal of the lion is the highest of all. The male lion needs a woman who is like a rock behind him and that is good into bed. Otherwise, if you will find other.

How to conquer the Lioness:
To win you should first invite Leo woman in a fancy restaurant. Then you can go to the Grand Hotel. In order to be able to keep it true and it must be straight, very ambitious and determined. At Lioness likes compliments. We must show them that has a strong partner and good taste, with determination, runs upwards. At Lioness not like stingy and puppets, remember that.

The Horse

The horses love freedom more than anything else. But also freedom in making decisions. They decide themselves what is right or not. This Chinese Zodiac sign has many principles, and a high sense of justice. It is very unpredictable, capricious and especially impatient. They are very generous in giving, even when you do not want anything. They do not give anything when you want something. Respect and gratitude on the part of others are very important for the horse. They always have the right answer, and they love to stand in the middle of the big show. The horses go with his head through the walls when they want something. Their hard head is well known.

How to conquer the Stallion:
If you go by bike or on the bike, then throw off its own chain (without realizing it) and ask the stallion help. He will help you right away. Then you thank him, making him know that great man is he. Then they may invite him to the next shop for sandwiches. If he says no let him go immediately and try to have his mobile phone number. A couple of days later, he can thank again with the phone. Warning: Do not ever pull the reins too hard, otherwise restive and runs away.

How to conquer the Mare:
You can easily flatter the mare. Tell her every time you see it: that beautiful stature that he has and that take your breath away for its femininity. This will help a lot. The mare you may invite anywhere, maybe check out Western astrology before making an invitation. Even here we must be careful: do not ever pull the reins too hard, otherwise restive and runs away.

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