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The Libra  September 23 - October 22

A zodiac sign that expresses the harmony balanced. The kind and balanced scale from the impeccable conduct. An excellent mother that is dominated by their children. A father is not exceptional to which almost never slips her hand. Maybe a little 'anti-authoritarian.

They have difficulty making decisions, because it would mean to give weight to one side of the scale. The agreements are not important for the balance, because it would lead to a decision in favor of some and to the detriment of some other. After all, the worse for you if you require from a balance to be a pact.

The balance loves fashion, elegance and beautiful clothes. It is not conservative and not vindictive. It is a highly tolerant sign of the zodiac. The diplomacy is at the center of his attitude.

How to conquer the Libra man:
The man scale can entertain very well with an intellectual discourse. Present yourselves elegantly dressed and overcome yourself the last obstacle before the seduction.

How to conquer the Libra woman:
The woman likes to balance expensive gifts, flowers and love letters. A gentle, elegant and charming reach its target very soon.

Popularity: Libra is very popular, since it is also very diplomatic. In the long term, however, is less popular, because the agreements and appointments not interested the balance.

Temperament: Normal.

Character: He hates violence and always tries to make peace at all. He believes in true truth and not in the material, oral or written.

Patience: Good.

Sex: Normal, erotic, sensitive, but not for every day.

Loyalty : The word "loyalty" means taking a position for someone. But the balance wants to remain neutral.

Family and children: Very responsible, it beats almost never children.

Capacity to impose itself: Low.

Professions: Diplomatic, tour guide, political, lover, artist and actor, the best right hand of the boss.

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Married life between Libra and the other zodiac signs. The love compatibility, without taking into consideration the Chinese signs:
Libra and Aries will understand very well. But be careful to the one who makes the first little escapade. Libra will not be catch, but the honest Aries yes. It will be Libra to put everything in place.
The elegant Libra could lose the head to Taurus. But he should leave, because after a year will not be, only shards and bad memories. If, however, should join, then the balance is placed in a small paddock of Taurus and woe to those who watch it for too long. And before that Taurus and Libra forget it will not be long. They have nothing in common and you may want to let it go.
2 elegant people who enjoy traveling together they found. Libra and Gemini are signs that love freedom and they never say what they think. This connection is perfect, and should take a long time.
The Libra run away from the jealousy of Cancer. Although both are peaceful in nature and not vulgar prevail. After this, the cancer will stay with a broken heart. An insufficient connection.
The elegant Libra will gladly leave to dress trendy Leo. Here it predicts evenings in fancy restaurants, opera, theater, nightclubs and the like. Any children in common in the evening you can let your grandparents, do not you think? This is an excellent report which, by good Chinese signs, can be nailed for a lifetime.
Perhaps the elegant Libra, attracted by the money of the Virgin, could lose his head at home Virgin. But immediately after the Libra want to go to dinner at a fancy restaurant. The first time might be okay, the second a little less and the third will be open war. Even the signs Asians can not help much.
2 identici segni zodiacali sono sempre armoniosi tra di loro. Ma attenzione, vi potrebbe venire a noia. Fate qualcosa!
By the firmness and honesty of the Scorpion, along with the fantasy of Libra, who does not want to follow his "boss", a report will result very poisonous. There is nothing good for the future between these two. Perhaps the Chinese Zodiac signs can hold together this report for 2 or 3 years. But no more.
The Sagittarius with the elegant Libra can create a harmonious relationship. Even here the Chinese astrology can improve or worsen this report. But it will certainly never be a bad relationship.
Libra and Capricorn have nothing in common. Do not you know, that it always fight. Chinese astrology will not improve much here.
Aquarius and Libra understand each other perfectly. They have many things in common. This union can survive over a long period.
Libra and Pisces love peace, but they have nothing in common. But just for the sake of peace and a good Chinese constellation this pair could be together for a long time.

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