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The Cancer   June 22 - July 22

The sensitive and romantic Cancer. A very sensual person. He hates violence and has a lot of imagination. It's a little 'conservative and homely, but the same love to travel the world and then happily returns home. At this zodiac sign like luxury and good behavior. It is often a little anxious and often likes to die for his partner.

Cancer Man and woman are extremely jealous. Jealousy is the weakest part in the character of Cancer. If a cancer is able to stabilize his jealousy, then it can reach any goal, because it is a laborious and industrious person. They are among the best fathers and mothers. They have a keen sense for the family and protect their children from any danger.

How to conquer the Cancer man:
The Cancer man can purchase and seduced with affection and romance. And when he shows one of its moons, then a little caress. The affection and romance, however, should also be taken for life. Otherwise leave it alone!

How to conquer the Cancer woman:
The Cancer woman can be sent at full speed in a luxury restaurant and candlelight with a little romantic music in the background. Warning: While you do not look at her absolutely no other woman. Not even a brief glance. Once you have conquered the then keep it for life. Otherwise leave it alone!

Popularity:Normal popularity, as it is romantic and sensual. It helps the neighbors, but has been very moody.

Temperament: A calm and patient person, but when it comes into play jealousy out of his shell. Then you should take shelter.

Character: A romantic person. Work hard and thoroughly, and maintains oversight of what he has done. Very jealous and vindictive.

Patience: Very patient.

Sex: Extremely important and erotic-romantic.

Fidelity: Absolutely faithful to his partners.

Family: The best parents imaginable. The Cancer woman is one of the best housewives, while the Cancer man is more willing to mend the garden.

Likeliness to impose: Little, because hates violence.

Business: Doctor, lawyer, all medical professions, architect, administrator, accountant, engineer.

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Married life between Cancer and the other zodiac signs. The love compatibility, without taking into consideration the Chinese signs:
With the exception of a strong sexual attraction, there is nothing in common. Cancer is a lover of security, and Aries ready to risk everything. Not even the children in common will be able to prevent the Ram starts. The gap between these two signs is too deep. An insufficient connection.
Sex and family are very important for Cancer and Taurus. There are also many other things in common. But with the passage of time the not justified jealousy of Cancer will see red to loyal Taurus.
The household Cancer, jealous and faithful, with the travelers Gemini who are always seeking a new adventure. This impossible connection will not last long. Maybe the chinese zodiac signs could hold a short time.
2 identical signs of the zodiac are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may be bored. Do something!
The Lion, king of the animals, along with cancer at home. With 2 excellent Chinese signs it may be a union passable. But woe to the day when cancer will notice the Lion poacher ...
Between Cancer and Virgo there will always be harmony. The Virgin will cure the jealousy of Cancer and do not ever offend. Only the night can be a bit 'boring for Cancer, but if the rest is great, what does it matter? A very good connection.
The Libra run away from the jealousy of Cancer. Although both are peaceful in nature and not vulgar prevail. After this, the cancer will stay with a broken heart. An insufficient connection.
Cancer and Scorpio are the perfect relationship. Here they join 2 very sentimental people, with many features in common. The sex and the family are also important for both. Chinese astrology can interfere only a little, but certainly never destroy this perfect connection.
The cool, proud, energetic Sagittarius will pitiful the cancer. Sagittarius is one way or want to implement his plans. The sensitive cancer will not be happy in this relationship. An insufficient connection.
2 homely zodiac signs, for which the family and home are very important. Cancer knows very well how to take care of Capricorn grumpy. It is a good union that stands or falls according to the Chinese zodiac signs.
The just and peaceful aquarium might bear to stay for some time near Cancer. But the day will come that the jealousy of Cancer will be the final blow to the Aquarian. Then it will never be seen again. An insufficient connection.
Cancer and Pisces are a perfect relationship. Here we have found 2 people who understand at once. Moreover, the family is very important for both. A perfect connection.

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