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The Aries  March 21 - April 20

Aries is the zodiac sign more direct, frank, impulsive, and who says what he thinks. Aries wants to impose itself and have the situation under control. It is an energy package that knows exactly what you're getting, and this immediately. This zodiac sign does not know overtones and that makes him weak in the intrigue. With the right partner is a sign faithful ready to give everything for those who love immediately. A person of momentum, courageous and proud who do not care the soup from yesterday. It is not vindictive. His freedom is not debatable. In the profession wants to impose the ram and will take the steps towards the highest peaks.
Aries does not reflect too long to make a decision, but it is often still the right one, as if a mysterious sixth sense that tells him the right way.

How to conquer the Aries man:
The man ram want to conquer and subdue the woman with love. The woman in love with a ram that would conquer you should not let conquer and seduce. This one does it better with provocative clothes and affectuosly teasing. But after that, it must have enough energy to keep Aries in the bedroom ......

How to conquer the Aries woman:
After many reports go to end badly, the Aries woman tries his own hand, his "victim." The Aries woman is gained through activities, passion, honesty and tenacity. And do not do it once to win it, otherwise you will be tattered later. The Aries woman does not know what to do with weak men, puppets and quiet people.

Popularity: Very popular because it says what he thinks and help their neighbor.

Temperament: Temperament of hell-fire, passionate, straightforward and courageous.

Character: Direct, impulsive, with no immediate implications. It is not vindictive and always tries to impose itself.

Patience: The ram does not know the meaning of the word patience.

Sex: Very passionate and very important.

Loyalty: True only with the right partner. For everyone else Aries will not be faithful.

Family and children: High sense of responsibility. Exceptional father and mother.

Capacity to impose itself: Exceptional.

Professions: Manager, General, sporting high-risk, hawk in politics, but also an artist or actor.

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Married life between Aries and the other zodiac signs. The love compatibility, without taking into consideration the Chinese signs:
2 identical signs of the zodiac are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may be bored. Do something!
Aries and Taurus have sex and family in common. But then nothing. Already quarrelling for example of how to set the table for lunch. If you put together, neither of them wants to leave family and kids and so is predicted to life a hell.
The Gemini found in the self-confidence from Aries the required support. These two types of energy and freedom lovers will find the common way and the same friends. Aries can understand what the Gemini think into their very spirit, and so it does not matter if you do not verbally tell the truth.
With the exception of a strong sexual attraction, there is nothing in common. Cancer is a lover of security, and Aries ready to risk everything. Not even the children in common will be able to prevent the Ram starts. The gap between these two signs is too deep. An insufficient connection.
Perfect relationship between Aries and Leo. This report may even last a lifetime. The Chinese signs can not easily destroy it, even if they are conflicting.
The Virgo and Aries do not have anything in common. If you accidentally were to join it will result in catastrophic relationship where only Chinese signs could hold her for a very short time. But not for long.
Libra and Aries will understand very well. But be careful to the one who makes the first little escapade. Libra will not be catch, but the honest Aries yes. It will be Libra to put everything in place.
Aries and Scorpio are very sexually attracted. But a relationship between these two always ends in catastrophe. Not even 2 great Chinese signs can help here very much.
The union between Aries and Sagittarius will be perfect. They have a lot in common and they know impose both. The Chinese signs can give only a little annoyance between these two, but they can not destroy this harmony.
The relationship between Capricorn and Aries always ends in a fight. A head is low and a full gallop slam their heads against one another. Even the Chinese signs will not help much. Maybe two positive signs in China can create this relationship impossible. But not for long.
Aquarius and Aries can establish a good marital relationship. The Aquarius is a pacifist which is complemented by Aries assertiveness. They are both tolerant forward thinkings.
Pisces and Aries do not create a good relationship. But the very sentimental Pisces can soften a bit Aries. And if the Chinese signs are good, then this relationship can last long. Otherwise not.

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