Aries - Tiger

The double sign of the zodiac Aries - Tiger

As child, this double sign is often a victim of psychoanalysts and psychologists for children. They speak of hyperactivity, Ritalin and psychotropic drugs: also of phosphates and other crap. But would have been enough a large lawn, to let run the Tiger with the Aries.
It is 2 energy packs that want to impose themselves. They run us straight at full throttle. Always on the move. For this sign is certainly better than a caravan or a large boat as home. Certainly not a permanent home. loves the freedom to take risks and more than anything else. It will have many relationships, until they find the right partner.
Woe to those who have the Aries-Tiger as an enemy! Will first be eaten by Tiger and later, what little remains, placed in orbit with a blow of Aries.

It looking for someone who supports this double sign in his dangerous adventures and can not injure the dignity and honor of the Tiger. Puppets, cuddly kittens and boring people - who are looking for a safe place - here are completely out of place. Especially types or chicks housewives should stay away from this sign. This sign turns to the principle around the world. In addition to the partner of the Aries-Tiger is recommended to reserve at least 2 hours a day extra for the bedroom or hotel room ....

Prominent VIP women Aries-Tiger:
Jenna Jameson, 9 April 1974
Victoria Beckham, 17 April 1974
Lady Gaga, 28 March 1986
Amanda Bynes, 3 April 1986

Prominent VIP man Aries-Tiger:
Alec Guinness, 2 April 1914
Hugh Hefner, 9 April 1926
Jack Brabham , 2 April 1926 (race car driver)
Flavio Briatore, 12 April 1950
Benedetto Della Vedova, 3 April 1962
Al_Unser,_Jr. , 19 April 1962, (race car driver)
Fabrizio Corona, 29 March 1974
Shinji Okazaki, 16 April 1986
Romain Grosjean , 17 April 1986 (race car driver)

The Aries  March 21 - April 20

Aries is the zodiac sign more direct, frank, impulsive, and who says what he thinks. Aries wants to impose itself and have the situation under control. It is an energy package that knows exactly what you're getting, and this immediately. This zodiac sign does not know overtones and that makes him weak in the intrigue. With the right partner is a sign faithful ready to give everything for those who love immediately. A person of momentum, courageous and proud who do not care the soup from yesterday. It is not vindictive. His freedom is not debatable. In the profession wants to impose the ram and will take the steps towards the highest peaks.
Aries does not reflect too long to make a decision, but it is often still the right one, as if a mysterious sixth sense that tells him the right way.

How to conquer the Aries man:
The man ram want to conquer and subdue the woman with love. The woman in love with a ram that would conquer you should not let conquer and seduce. This one does it better with provocative clothes and affectuosly teasing. But after that, it must have enough energy to keep Aries in the bedroom ......

How to conquer the Aries woman:
After many reports go to end badly, the Aries woman tries his own hand, his "victim." The Aries woman is gained through activities, passion, honesty and tenacity. And do not do it once to win it, otherwise you will be tattered later. The Aries woman does not know what to do with weak men, puppets and quiet people.

The Tiger

The Tiger is undisciplined and risks willingly. An unpredictable idealist. Always in blujeans. Globetrotter unabated. Does not care about the formalities. Very sociable. In what he wants to do is very determined, rather undecided about what she does not care much. Love freedom more than anything. Goes crazy if locked in the house. The tiger is incorrigible optimist. He is not afraid of anything and is very determined.
The Tigers are getting what they want to do. Even if they are half dead on the ground, and trampled stunned, then get up and continue the road that they wanted to take.

It is a leader, stubborn but you can criticize whenever you want. Accept criticism.
It also gives to a stranger his last shirt. The material assets and the money is not very interested at this individualist.
In hunting and in disputes the tiger is unpredictable and can not be calculated. This is its real strong.
Warning: The tiger you can jump him from behind a bush. There, where no one would have expected. And if the tiger is seriously injured, then retreats into the jungle to lick his wounds. And when everyone believes that now is dead and eaten by worms, then jump you upon unexpectedly.

How to conquer the Tiger man:
Here you can serve very lovingly tease the Tiger man. Provoking a little the Tiger man, can be useful. Invite him to the next snack-bar. There, standing at the table, you can get a little closer.

How to conquer the Tiger woman:
The woman Tiger you can expect to picnic on top of the highest mountain in your region. Or behind a waterfall of a river. Even a trip in a rowing boat would not hurt. But do not forget to bring back some good sandwiches and mineral water. And provoking she a little with great affection. But everything has its limit. Do not provoke the woman tiger too, because this, when he's had enough of you is able to jump out of an airplane without a parachute, or diving into the water and swim to shore.

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