Aries - Dog

The double sign of the zodiac Aries - Dog

Dog that barks does not bite. But a push of Aries could hurt. It is a Aries faithful as a dog that does not want to break through the wall with his head at all costs.
This dual sign is tireless in his profession and will arrive in top of the organization. Since both the Aries as the Dog have a great capacity in imposing, can not be stopped by anyone. Indeed, it should be their friend, because he will not leave, never alone, a friend.
Be careful not to never touch the puppies of this dog, otherwise the Aries goes mad and pushes you into orbit. The family of this Aries-Dog is protected until the last drop of bloo

The partners of this double sign should be an honest and straight, which does not disturb the barking of the dog. The bedroom is very important!

Prominent VIP women Aries-Dog:
Gloria Steinem, 25 March 1934
Shirley Jones, 31 March 1934
Hussniya Jabara, 11 April 1958
Danica Patrick, 25 March 1982

Prominent VIP man Aries-Dog:
Richard Chamberlain, 31 March 1934
Roman Herzog, was President of Germany, 5 April 1934

The Aries  March 21 - April 20

Aries is the zodiac sign more direct, frank, impulsive, and who says what he thinks. Aries wants to impose itself and have the situation under control. It is an energy package that knows exactly what you're getting, and this immediately. This zodiac sign does not know overtones and that makes him weak in the intrigue. With the right partner is a sign faithful ready to give everything for those who love immediately. A person of momentum, courageous and proud who do not care the soup from yesterday. It is not vindictive. His freedom is not debatable. In the profession wants to impose the ram and will take the steps towards the highest peaks.
Aries does not reflect too long to make a decision, but it is often still the right one, as if a mysterious sixth sense that tells him the right way.

How to conquer the Aries man:
The man ram want to conquer and subdue the woman with love. The woman in love with a ram that would conquer you should not let conquer and seduce. This one does it better with provocative clothes and affectuosly teasing. But after that, it must have enough energy to keep Aries in the bedroom ......

How to conquer the Aries woman:
After many reports go to end badly, the Aries woman tries his own hand, his "victim." The Aries woman is gained through activities, passion, honesty and tenacity. And do not do it once to win it, otherwise you will be tattered later. The Aries woman does not know what to do with weak men, puppets and quiet people.

The Dog

The most faithful dog. His family is above everything else. An idealist was born. A good dog is not intimidated and continued his straight path. But you can not fault otherwise barks. Critics, however, willingly others, so cynical. Nevertheless, the dog tries to make peace at all. He can not stand if the friends bickering among themselves, gets in the middle. Women can even dog to calm violent men. The dog dress his old clothes until they are consumed altogether. The luxury and fashion is not very interested in the dog.

The dog loves his subordinates, but does not trust their work because his pessimism is too strong.

The dog and willing to help everyone, generous and stubborn.

How to conquer the Dog man:
Warning, do not let him get away with too much attractiveness and beauty of high style. The dog likes feminine women who radiate a little 'mom. You can certainly meet with clean blue-jeans. It is important to discuss anything that interests him. Do not say yes right away the first or second time. Because the dog is looking for a woman for life, not for an adventure.

How to conquer the Dog woman:
Luxury, style and glory are less important. An intelligent man who works hard for the whole family is certainly more comfortable than a Casanova with a beautiful luxury car. Kindly invite her to a sandwich at the nearest bakery or in a restaurant chain that sells hamburgers. Do not let her get away, by making the invading. Otherwise you will never see again. If you have seduced once with a lot of love then you've caught the best woman for a lifetime. One suggestion: your shoes should be impeccably clean.

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