Aries - Rat

The double sign of the zodiac Aries - Rat

The attractive and mysterious Rat, along with the franc Aries who says what he thinks. Very sociable although it lacks a little feel. What the Aries-Rat decides is always put in place. When the Aries, head down starting at gallop, the Rat will always be able to find a hole in the wall where you can move without bumping his head. The Rat-Aries helps only a chosen few, but to the end.
They are excellent business men and women. The agile Rat manages to dodge all obstacles to the direct Aries. From this it results the absolute success.

Pleasure, luxury, sex and a place in the sun are very important for this dual sign.

As a partner we look for someone who has a good presence, who submits willingly to bed and that it has the required consistency. Should never do stupid questions and never ask too much money. Then not miss anything.

Prominent VIP women Aries-Rat:
Bonnie Bedelia, 25 March 1948
Dianne Wiest, 28 March 1948
Nena , (Singer and actress), 24 March 1960
Jennie Garth 3 April 1972
Jennifer Garner, 17 April 1972
Katharine McPhee, 25 March 1984
Sara Jean Underwood, 26 March 1984
Samantha Stosur, 30 March 1984
Mandy Moore, 10 April 1984
Rosanna Davison, (Miss World 2003), 17 April 1984

Prominent VIP man Aries-Rat:
Wernher von Braun, 23 March 1912
Marlon Brando, 3 April 1924
Eddie Jordan, 30 March 1948
Al Gore, 31 March 1948
Ayrton Senna, 21 March 1960
Charlie Haas, 27 March 1972

The Aries  March 21 - April 20

Aries is the zodiac sign more direct, frank, impulsive, and who says what he thinks. Aries wants to impose itself and have the situation under control. It is an energy package that knows exactly what you're getting, and this immediately. This zodiac sign does not know overtones and that makes him weak in the intrigue. With the right partner is a sign faithful ready to give everything for those who love immediately. A person of momentum, courageous and proud who do not care the soup from yesterday. It is not vindictive. His freedom is not debatable. In the profession wants to impose the ram and will take the steps towards the highest peaks.
Aries does not reflect too long to make a decision, but it is often still the right one, as if a mysterious sixth sense that tells him the right way.

How to conquer the Aries man:
The man ram want to conquer and subdue the woman with love. The woman in love with a ram that would conquer you should not let conquer and seduce. This one does it better with provocative clothes and affectuosly teasing. But after that, it must have enough energy to keep Aries in the bedroom ......

How to conquer the Aries woman:
After many reports go to end badly, the Aries woman tries his own hand, his "victim." The Aries woman is gained through activities, passion, honesty and tenacity. And do not do it once to win it, otherwise you will be tattered later. The Aries woman does not know what to do with weak men, puppets and quiet people.

The Rat

The Rat is a individualistic charismatic and smart Chinese zodiac sign, with a lot of pessimism. It is one of the most eloquent signs and is an excellent conversationalist and speaker. It exerts a strong appeal to the opposite sex and is very attractive. A rat always has a good and secret savings account for "get through the winter." Only people who the Rat truly love can draw from that account, because the need for security is very high in the soul of the mouse. In fact, it is very sensitive, but is also capable of trampling on corpses to achieve his goal. The truth is not important for the rat.

The Rat is very diligent, hard-working and ambitious and wants to reach the top social. It is able to multiply the money in his possession or under his administration and is very smart and can be aggressive. Never reveals a secret and uses it to their own plans. Love needs lots of stroking.
Nevertheless, the Rat can spend much money on clothes and luxury cars. The rat is also the perfect lover because they do not willingly binds to only one person for a lifetime.

How to conquer the Rat man:
The man does not bind mouse willingly. Perhaps the small lie, that she is already married, but not happy, can help a lot. With clothes of good style and excellent behavior can achieve the desired goal.

How to conquer the Rat woman:
The female Rat seduces you with luxury and great conversation. It can not resist a handsome and intelligent. The Rat woman looking for the wealthy patron and wants to be seduced gallantly.

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