Libra - Horse

The double sign of the zodiac Libra - Horse

His sense of justice and its principles, this horse will force them harmoniously balanced. The Libra hates quarrels, but woe if it is pushed into an argument, then there will be a whole rodeo. It is a very social sign. The parties and social events are the favorite place of this double zodiac sign.

The inconsistency of these two signs almost always ends in mood swings. In the profession Libra makes the horse more agile and less stubborn. The Libra Stallion should give a little less attention to the beautiful girls to payment after all, does not want at all. But they want him.

The kids will not miss anything. The partner instead is replaceable.

The partners of the Mare-Libra will lovingly re-educated. There will be no problems. The Stallion Libra partner should be beautiful and luxurious and can keep the trot of his male. Both at the disco as in the bedroom here is galloping at full speed.

Prominent people VIP Libra-Horse:
Cassius Marcellus Clay 19.10.1810

The Libra 23.09. - 22.10.

A zodiac sign that expresses the balanced harmony. The kind and balanced scale from the impeccable conduct. An excellent mother that is dominated by their children. A exceptional father if never slips her hand. Maybe a little anti-authoritarian.

They have difficulty making decisions, because it would mean to give weight to one side of the scale. The agreements are not important for the balance, because it would lead to a decision in favor of some and to the detriment of some other. After all, the worse for you if you require from a balance to be a pact.

The balance loves fashion, elegance and beautiful clothes. It is not conservative and not vindictive. It is a highly tolerant sign of the zodiac. The diplomacy is at the center of his attitude.

How to conquer the Libra man:
The man scale can entertain very well with an intellectual discourse. Present yourselves elegantly dressed and overcome yourself the last obstacle before the seduction.

How to conquer the Libra woman:
The woman likes to balance expensive gifts, flowers and love letters. A gentle, elegant and charming reach its target very soon.

The Horse

The horses love freedom more than anything else. But also freedom in making decisions. They decide themselves what is right or not. This Chinese Zodiac sign has many principles, and a high sense of justice. It is very unpredictable, capricious and especially impatient. They are very generous in giving, even when you do not want anything. They do not give anything when you want something. Respect and gratitude on the part of others are very important for the horse. They always have the right answer, and they love to stand in the middle of the big show. The horses go with his head through the walls when they want something. Their hard head is well known.

How to conquer the Stallion:
If you go by bike or on the bike, then throw off its own chain (without realizing it) and ask the stallion help. He will help you right away. Then you thank him, making him know that great man is he. Then they may invite him to the next shop for sandwiches. If he says no let him go immediately and try to have his mobile phone number. A couple of days later, he can thank again with the phone. Warning: Do not ever pull the reins too hard, otherwise restive and runs away.

How to conquer the Mare:
You can easily flatter the mare. Tell her every time you see it: that beautiful stature that he has and that take your breath away for its femininity. This will help a lot. The mare you may invite anywhere, maybe check out Western astrology before making an invitation. Even here we must be careful: do not ever pull the reins too hard, otherwise restive and runs away.

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