Libra - Goat

The double sign of the zodiac Libra - Goat

2 congruent zodiac signs that the subject becomes eloquent when needed and quiet when there's nothing to say. The harmony between these two signs makes this person very decisive. The pessimism of the Goat makes the Libra objectively.

The Libra want to dress fashionably and this costs money, but the Goat is willing to work hard to get it.

In their profession the harmony of these two zodiac signs makes them work very well. But the work must to please this sign, otherwise it seek of another.

La Goat si occuperà sempre della sua famiglia e la Libra dovrà accettarlo.

Here we attempt an understanding partner, which does not disturb the work of the Goat. In addition, it should not give weight to a possible fling of Libra, because the Goat will feel too guilty then. The bedroom is of importance to normal.

Prominent people VIP Libra-Goat:
Lech Walesa 29.09.1943
Peter Sauber 13.10.1943
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge 25.09.1955
Kimi Raikönnen 17.10.1979

The Libra 23.09. - 22.10.

A zodiac sign that expresses the balanced harmony. The kind and balanced scale from the impeccable conduct. An excellent mother that is dominated by their children. A exceptional father if never slips her hand. Maybe a little anti-authoritarian.

They have difficulty making decisions, because it would mean to give weight to one side of the scale. The agreements are not important for the balance, because it would lead to a decision in favor of some and to the detriment of some other. After all, the worse for you if you require from a balance to be a pact.

The balance loves fashion, elegance and beautiful clothes. It is not conservative and not vindictive. It is a highly tolerant sign of the zodiac. The diplomacy is at the center of his attitude.

How to conquer the Libra man:
The man scale can entertain very well with an intellectual discourse. Present yourselves elegantly dressed and overcome yourself the last obstacle before the seduction.

How to conquer the Libra woman:
The woman likes to balance expensive gifts, flowers and love letters. A gentle, elegant and charming reach its target very soon.

The Goat

Charming, sweet, loving and very creative. A gentleman and a lady from head to foot. The nature of the goat is pessimistic. It is very sociable and does not feel well enough alone and so looking for a partner already in young years. The goat want to be financially independent. The highlight of the goat he is in his intuition, a clear intellect and creativity. Never end its excellent ideas.

The opinion of others, is very important for the goat.

The goat needs a partner that offers the support and the necessary balance against his pessimism. The partner must be very feminine or masculine and with firm character. Then the goat will feel at ease.

How to conquer the Goat man:
If you want to conquer the goat, then you must dress classically and show your femininity, and prove that you will be an excellent mother and loving. And if you put to bleat, then you have to caress him the hair, and so you will have your goat for life.

How to conquer the Goat woman:
The goat woman seeking broad shoulders where to lay its head. Show her that you are a strong man who stands up to anything and sure of himself. The rest comes by itself. The woman needs goat of the strong men that often raise morale.

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