Cancer - Goat

The double sign of the zodiac Cancer - Goat

It is a being highly susceptible to which must be contacted very tactfully. The work of the shoulder do not know him. I'm too to criticize themselves, since both signs are pessimistic and so often do not know what they want to do.

In their profession require a task that can be solved. The professions of diplomacy, the medical and rescue services are ideal for them, because there can help others.

Cancer and the Goat, constitute together a harmonious unity in the workplace. From this it can be an excellent politician and diplomat. But certainly not a warrior or a hawk.

They have a high sense of responsibility towards their family.

You need a partner that provides a little 'optimism and affection to this double sign of the zodiac. Already a small breath, in the soul of this being, it could cause a catastrophe. Do not make this cancer jealous because you retire destroyed internally in his lair. In the bedroom are very affectionate.

Prominent people VIP Cancer-Goat:
Franz Kafka 3.07.1883
Walter Scheel 8.07.1919
Toto_Cutugno 7.07.1943
Pamela Anderson 1.07.1967
Selena Gomez, 22.07.1992

The Cancer   June 22 - July 22

The sensitive and romantic Cancer. A very sensual person. He hates violence and has a lot of imagination. It's a little 'conservative and homely, but the same love to travel the world and then happily returns home. At this zodiac sign like luxury and good behavior. It is often a little anxious and often likes to die for his partner.

Cancer Man and woman are extremely jealous. Jealousy is the weakest part in the character of Cancer. If a cancer is able to stabilize his jealousy, then it can reach any goal, because it is a laborious and industrious person. They are among the best fathers and mothers. They have a keen sense for the family and protect their children from any danger.

How to conquer the Cancer man:
The Cancer man can purchase and seduced with affection and romance. And when he shows one of its moons, then a little caress. The affection and romance, however, should also be taken for life. Otherwise leave it alone!

How to conquer the Cancer woman:
The Cancer woman can be sent at full speed in a luxury restaurant and candlelight with a little romantic music in the background. Warning: While you do not look at her absolutely no other woman. Not even a brief glance. Once you have conquered the then keep it for life. Otherwise leave it alone!

The Goat

Charming, sweet, loving and very creative. A gentleman and a lady from head to foot. The nature of the goat is pessimistic. It is very sociable and does not feel well enough alone and so looking for a partner already in young years. The goat want to be financially independent. The highlight of the goat he is in his intuition, a clear intellect and creativity. Never end its excellent ideas.

The opinion of others, is very important for the goat.

The goat needs a partner that offers the support and the necessary balance against his pessimism. The partner must be very feminine or masculine and with firm character. Then the goat will feel at ease.

How to conquer the Goat man:
If you want to conquer the goat, then you must dress classically and show your femininity, and prove that you will be an excellent mother and loving. And if you put to bleat, then you have to caress him the hair, and so you will have your goat for life.

How to conquer the Goat woman:
The goat woman seeking broad shoulders where to lay its head. Show her that you are a strong man who stands up to anything and sure of himself. The rest comes by itself. The woman needs goat of the strong men that often raise morale.

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