Scorpio - Goat

The double sign of the zodiac Scorpio - Goat

A Goat with a poisonous sting. It is here of two very harmonious astrological signs among them that complement each other, even if they are entirely different. This double sign of the zodiac you should not have as an enemy. He never forgets an injustice. The Scorpio offers Goat balance and the necessary will, while the Goat will offer the Scorpio ideas needed to move forward.

It is a be diligent that loves the truth. The Goat has always ready a few jokes that the Scorpio will provide it with a pinch of poison. This Goat will go ahead undisturbed with his brilliant ideas, until you get to the top, because the Scorpio will get rid of all the enemies left and right.

The children and family are very important to this double sign of the zodiac.

We try here a highly faithful partner. It is then privately owned of the Scorpio-Goat. If you submitthen it will get the paradise on earth. Otherwise it is immediately replaced. The bedroom is very important.

Prominent people VIP Scorpio-Goat:
Claus Schenk Count of Stauffenberg 15.11.1907
Julia Roberts 28.10.1967

The Scorpio  October 23 - November 21

The sensitive and passionate Scorpio. Strong sexual attractiveness. In the middle of the speech takes out the sting and stings all the way. Scorpio does not love persons stingy and the skinflints.

The power, his authority and his passion make the Scorpion a zodiac sign problematic. With the perfect partner you create a wedding paradise. Otherwise it is hell. Scorpio does not do things by halves. All or nothing. Scorpio is a water sign, and together with Cancer, belongs to the two signs of the most jealous. It is a person of strong will with a high ability to impose themselves in every situation.

How to conquer the Scorpio man:
The Scorpio man should provoke a bit to get him out of his shell of iron. Get dressed very sexy and a little provoke affectionately. Stay very feminine. Show him who is the biggest and the best of all.

How to conquer the Scorpio woman:
A Scorpio woman knows if you take and how you seduce a man in a short time. Already with his sexual attractiveness quickly attains the purpose. Only a passionate man will be successful at the Scorpio woman. He must have the temperament and be honest with yourself. Do not look at any other woman when you are with her, otherwise you'll have to contend with a long and poisonous sting of Scorpio female. You will fall to the ground stone dead.

The Goat

Charming, sweet, loving and very creative. A gentleman and a lady from head to foot. The nature of the goat is pessimistic. It is very sociable and does not feel well enough alone and so looking for a partner already in young years. The goat want to be financially independent. The highlight of the goat he is in his intuition, a clear intellect and creativity. Never end its excellent ideas.

The opinion of others, is very important for the goat.

The goat needs a partner that offers the support and the necessary balance against his pessimism. The partner must be very feminine or masculine and with firm character. Then the goat will feel at ease.

How to conquer the Goat man:
If you want to conquer the goat, then you must dress classically and show your femininity, and prove that you will be an excellent mother and loving. And if you put to bleat, then you have to caress him the hair, and so you will have your goat for life.

How to conquer the Goat woman:
The goat woman seeking broad shoulders where to lay its head. Show her that you are a strong man who stands up to anything and sure of himself. The rest comes by itself. The woman needs goat of the strong men that often raise morale.

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