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The Dog

The faithful dog. His family is the most important thing. An idealist born, but pessimistic. A good dog is not intimidated and continue his right path. But you can not criticize otherwise barks. Critics however, gladly the others so cynical. Nevertheless, the dog tries to make peace at all. Can not stand if the friends they fight among themselves, gets in the middle. Women dogs are able to calm violent men. The dog wears his old clothes up to be eaten completely. The the dog is not very interested at the luxury and fashion.

The dog loves his subordinates, but does not trust their work because his pessimism is too strong. The dog and willing to help everyone, generous and stubborn.

How to conquer the Dog man:
Be careful not to let him get away with too much attractiveness and beauty of high style. The dog likes feminine women who radiate a little mom. You can certainly meet with clean blujeans. It is important to discuss anything that interests him. Do not say yes right away the first or second time. Because the dog is looking for a woman for life, not for an adventure.

How to conquer the Dog woman:
The woman dog is a being skeptical. Luxury, style and glory are less important. An intelligent man who works hard for the whole family is certainly more comfortable than a casanova with a beautiful luxury cars. Invite her kindly to a sandwich at the nearest bakery or in a restaurant that sells hamburgers. Do not let it get away doing the invading. Otherwise you've seen forever. If you have seduced once with a lot of love then you've caught the best woman for a lifetime. One suggestion: your shoes should be impeccably clean.

Popularity: Very popular, since it is an excellent friend fitted with a lot of patience. Sometimes underestimated since it is an introvert, pessimistic and stubborn. Help right away if you ask.

Temperament: Calm person

Character: A true friend. It always helps all his friends.

Patience: Exceptional patience.

Sex: Important. The bedroom is however totally protected by privacy.

Loyalty: Absolute loyalty.

Family and children: High sense of responsibility towards her cubs. The best parents that we can imagine.

Likeliness to impose: Very high. Work hard and continuously until you get to the topPolitical right, lawyer, doctor, correctly business person, to here you can trust.

Professions: Good political person, lawyer, doctor, correctly business person, to here you can trust.

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The relationship between the Dog and the other Chinese signs, with little regard to western zodiac signs:
Rat These 2 signs savers, can their understand and respect one another. The calm of the Dog can often calm the nervousness of the Rat. Our Western signs, can increase this report, but weaken it only in a few cases.
Ox Between Dog and the Ox lacks the deep relationship between their souls. Otherwise they would be a couple passable. The western zodiac signs are crucial to this report and are capable of destroying or make good this union.
Tiger The dog understands well the rebel ideas of the Tiger. Together they will long way. The Tiger always returns willingly by his faithful dog. The western signs can here a little disturbing, but must be contrasting to really ruin this report.
Rabbit The Dog and the Rabbit have complete confidence between them. 2 faithful souls who will not have problems even in love. Our Western signs will not spoil much between these two signs Asians. Only if their are really contradictory, then problems may arise.
Dragon The Dragon and the Dog will not ever understand each. The Dragon causing continuous barking of the dog, and the dog causing often spit fire at the Dragon. Our Western signs can help a little here, but not much.
Snake The faithful dog can not hide his jealousy when Snake comes out in the evening, out of the house alone. Passional disputes it will be the consequence. Otherwise, these two signs understand each other very well. Our Western astrology is capable of making this couple harmonious, if the signs are good together.
Horse The Horse and the Dog understand each excellently. The Horse found a sign in the dog that will take care of him. The Dog manages to keep the fast trot with the horse. Even here our western signs will not spoil much.
Goat The firmness of the Dog, with his keen sense of reality, with the imaginative and artistic Goat. This can not be good. Here, only two western signs that go great together could help to keep alive this relationship.
Monkey Between the Monkey and the Dog will be a medium friendly relationship. Our Western signs are capable of making this harmonious relationship or ruin it completely.
Rooster Among the Rooster and the Dog might give rise to a relationship of fighting Cock and fighting Dog. Be careful! Our Western signs, if they are really good together, could make a relationship acceptable, but no more.
Dog 2 identical signs of the zodiac are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may be bored. Do something!
Pig The two signs very housewares, Dog and Pig, is will understand quite well. With two signs Western congruent it can arise a relationship very durable.