Capricorn - Dog

The double sign of the zodiac Capricorn Dog

2 calm realists without any fear, in a single package. A sign very loyal. The real pessimist between the double signs of the zodiac, from the strange thoughts. Perhaps this sign seems sometimes a bit 'introverted and sometimes a little extrovert. But in your own home comes out of his shell of steel. Cause a lot of work sometimes forget their family commitments.

This sign does not know racism and is ready to fight it.

The personalities mentioned below on the left have a lot in common. All of them were married once. Both also said that Elvis never forwarded the divorce, but it was Priscilla to do so. Also they were all free from any ethnic wrong thought. The dr. Schweitzer has married a Jewish woman and an Italian-American Al Capone married a Irish-American, what then, it was absolutely inconceivable. Even Elvis had no this kind of problem. In addition, all three have worked particularly well with the press.

The family will never complain. Except that sometimes you have to go and look in the workplace.

Here you search for a loyal partner that puts on the moral Capricorn-Dog. A partner cheerful and calm would be the right one. And if you want a little 'sex just remember them his marital commitments. Why a commitment is a commitment and Capricorn, as well as the Dog, meet all commitments.

Prominent people VIP Capricorn-Dog:
Dr. Albert Schweitzer 14.01.1875
Al Capone 17.01.1899
Elvis Presley 8.01.1935

The Capricorn   December 21 - January 19

Capricorn is a realist who works hard to achieve his goal. This zodiac sign of success needs to be satisfied. The man and woman born under this sign stand with their foot stuck in the ground. Though the Capricorn needs its own personal account at the bank and its untouchable self, a spouse will still perfect. With the right partner remains faithful all his life.
With the money Capricorn we can do and if the Capricorn man does not have enough money, then marries the money. Love surely follow. It may very well put together with love and money and remains faithful to a spouse. Very conservative. The disco is not so important.
His few friends can never complain.
Capricorn is a serious person, determined and constant.

How to conquer the Capricorn man:
The Capricorn man is very cautious in love. Wanting to seduce a Capricorn man is very difficult. Perseverance and patience will be your forte. He does not like it at all if you throw the first time. At least you do not know him long ago. Tell him it's the best of the best and let them see that you are not a spendthrift.

How to conquer the Capricorn woman:
The Capricorn woman is also very cautious. Tell him how beautiful and make her laugh. Be a bit 'of time for the "first time". Then you will have for life a package great for day and night.

The Dog

The most faithful dog. His family is above everything else. An idealist was born. A good dog is not intimidated and continued his straight path. But you can not fault otherwise barks. Critics, however, willingly others, so cynical. Nevertheless, the dog tries to make peace at all. He can not stand if the friends bickering among themselves, gets in the middle. Women can even dog to calm violent men. The dog dress his old clothes until they are consumed altogether. The luxury and fashion is not very interested in the dog.

The dog loves his subordinates, but does not trust their work because his pessimism is too strong.

The dog and willing to help everyone, generous and stubborn.

How to conquer the Dog man:
Warning, do not let him get away with too much attractiveness and beauty of high style. The dog likes feminine women who radiate a little 'mom. You can certainly meet with clean blue-jeans. It is important to discuss anything that interests him. Do not say yes right away the first or second time. Because the dog is looking for a woman for life, not for an adventure.

How to conquer the Dog woman:
Luxury, style and glory are less important. An intelligent man who works hard for the whole family is certainly more comfortable than a Casanova with a beautiful luxury car. Kindly invite her to a sandwich at the nearest bakery or in a restaurant chain that sells hamburgers. Do not let her get away, by making the invading. Otherwise you will never see again. If you have seduced once with a lot of love then you've caught the best woman for a lifetime. One suggestion: your shoes should be impeccably clean.

Popularity: Very popular, since it is an excellent friend fitted with a lot of patience. Sometimes underestimated since it is an introvert, pessimistic and stubborn. Help immediately if you ask.

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