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The Tiger

The Tiger is a being undisciplined which risks willingly. Idealist unpredictable. Always in blue jeans. Globetrotter unabated. Very sociable. In what he wants to do is very determined, rather undecided about what she does not care much. Love freedom more than anything. Crazy if locked in the house. The tiger is a incorrigible optimist. It is not afraid of anything and is very determined.
The Tigers always do what they want to do. Even if they are half dead on the ground, trampled and stunned, then get up and continue the road that they wanted to take.

It is a leader, stubborn, but one can criticize whenever you want. Accept criticism.
It also gives to a stranger his last shirt. The material assets and the money is not very interested at this individualist.
In hunting and in quarrels the tiger is unpredictable and can not be calculated. This is its real strong.
Warning: The tiger you can jump him from behind a bush. There, where no one would have expected. And if the tiger is seriously injured, then retreats into the jungle to lick his wounds. And when everyone believes that now is dead and eaten by worms, then jump you upon unexpectedly.

How to conquer male Tiger:
Here you can serve very lovingly teasing tiger man. Provoking a little ', tiger man helps a lot. Invite him to the next snack-bar. There, standing at the table, you can go a little 'closer.

How to conquer female Tiger:
The woman tiger, you can expect to picnic on top of the highest mountain in your region. Or behind a waterfall of a river. Even a trip in a rowing boat would not hurt. But do not forget to bring some good sandwiches and mineral water. You have to provoke it a bit lovingly. But everything has its limit. Do not provoke the woman tiger too, because this, when he's had enough of you is able to jump out of an airplane without a parachute, or jump into the water and swim to shore.

Popularity: Very popular, since it is always ready to help others and also you can even criticize. Hated by his enemies, because he never gives up.

Temperament: Fire and lightning, passionate and brave.

Character: A leader. Accept others' opinions and one can criticize. The tiger and capable of lugging a well motivated team.

Patience: Little

Sex: Very important, passionate, erotic, in all positions, but also loving.

Loyalty: He loves all people of the world.

Family and children: He manages to entertain and educate children well impeccably. It is very loyal only to the right partner.

Likeliness to impose: Very high.

Professions: Manager, chief of staff, dangerous sports and hawk in politics, bestselling author. Revolutionary, rebel, terrorist and general.

Aries - Tiger Taurus - Tiger Gemini - Tiger
Cancer - Tiger Leo - Tiger Virgo - Tiger
Libra - Tiger Scorpio - Tiger Sagittarius - Tiger
Capricorn - Tiger Aquarius - Tiger Pisches - Tiger

The relationship between the Tiger and the other Chinese signs, with little regard to western zodiac signs:
Rat The small and smart Rat together with the great Tiger who is not afraid of anything. Here problems are detected. The Tiger is not concerned with security requirements of its little Rat, because Tiger does not even know the meaning of fear or pessimism. The Tiger always want to have an independent partner, who looks to himself. Here, the western zodiac signs may immediately destroy the base or offer a good relationship.
Ox The Ox and the Tiger does not ever understand. Even if the western signs are great between them. The Tiger rebel, freedom-loving, it never will subordinate to Ox, even if that tempts us throughout life. Here the signs Western could help a lot, but only if they are great between them. Otherwise you should leave it alone or take over certainly a catastrophe.
Tiger 2 identical signs of the zodiac are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may be bored. Do something!
Rabbit The Tiger has a life that looks like a carousel, it will always hurt his Rabbit very homely. However, this will weigh much on the consciousness of the Tiger. Why in the depths of their souls they understand perfectly these two very different beings and complement each other. One day the tiger will calm down and will rely permanently to his Rabbit and together they will pass happy the rest of their lives. Rabbit on the other hand always forgive the solitary journeys around the world of the Tiger.
Dragon These 2 great beings create an excellent report. Mutual respect will never fail. Not even in the love. The western signs can adjust many things here, but not to destroy almost anything.
Snake I love you and hate you, here's what you say every day these two completely different beings. They have a great reciprocal physical attraction and so are not always able to break this relationship. If our western zodiac signs, they look good together, this relationship may hold together for a many years, but not a lifetime.
Horse The Tiger and the Horse create a perfect union. The goals and the feelings are congruent with each other. They both love freedom, and let the other to long rein. Not even the signs western be able to give much trouble between these two Chinese signs.
Goat Here collide 2 completely different beings. The Goat pessimistic that needs security provokes the optimism of the Tiger who is not afraid of anything. One day the tiger will eat the Goat. Only if our western astrological signs are very well together, then this relationship might hold for a few years. But not for a lifetime.
Monkey Tiger and Monkey are 2 types Jeopardy. But while the Tiger is with all 4 paws on the ground, the Monkey jumps from tree to tree by pulling coconuts on the head of the Tiger. Here it is a relationship almost impossible. Only if the two western signs, they are excellent at 100% with each other here it will be possible to create a report for a few years. But not for a lifetime. Also because both allow each other all its freedom.
Rooster Here it is a highly passionate love relationship that will ruin the nerves to both parties. It would be better left alone. But the hottest nights of love, unfortunately, take this report too long together. Then in the morning when you wake up, start the quarrel everyday. Not even two good western zodiac signs can soothe the proud and majestic Rooster and the Tiger, which does not importing what others think of herself.
Dog The dog understands well the rebel ideas of the Tiger. Together they will long way. The Tiger always returns willingly by his faithful dog. The western signs can here a little disturbing, but must be contrasting to really ruin this report.
Pig Here is a good relationship. The Pig admires the Tiger and does not limit the freedom of the Tiger. Our western zodiac signs can strengthen this relationship if they are in a good average between them.