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The Rabbit

Rabbit is tolerant and eloquent. The good friend. A interlocutor with a lot of diplomatic tact. The best democratic political. She is always dressed in the traditional way, not exuberant. An excellent hostess. Is the Chinese zodiac sign, one of the most loved.
Rabbit is one of the best mothers and optimally protects her children. She and he wants to end any dispute. Rabbit is a bit 'shy and loves his 4 walls of everything. The lair of the Rabbit is always very clean and furnished in a classical style. A sign conservative, which is always reflected before undertaking anything.

Rabbit and cats always fall on their 4 legged friends! Rabbit needs a strong partner and docile that brings a little 'stability at home. The partner and the children will not miss anything.

How to conquer male Rabbit:
To win over the rabbit you should dress classically, and feminine. You must be as gentle as a kitten and be seduced into a romantic place. The rabbit man, very calm, knows exactly what she wants and she should be affectionate then for life.

How to conquer female Rabbit:
Invite woman Rabbit for dinner. You present classically dressed, impeccably and with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Bring she in a luxury restaurant and be very affectionate with the female Rabbit. The affection and romance should then last for a lifetime, otherwise leave it alone.

Popularity: Loved by all, since it is very diplomatic, tolerant, but without submitting.

Temperament: A soul calm with its 4 paws are on the ground.

Character: An excellent friend, a little 'shy and tries to make peace to those who quarrel. A private person much esteemed.

Patience: The highest imaginable patience.

Sex: Important, with many erotic caresses and loving.

Loyalty: Total, absolute fidelity, with a regular partner. The hare becomes unfaithful only when the partner does not offer enough affection and the time necessary in the bedroom.

Family and children: The best father possible and the best mother imaginable. With a high sense of responsibility towards children.

Likeliness to impose: Very high imposition in the long term.

Professions: Politician, diplomat, professor, all medical professions and rescue, an artist of cinema, classical painter, PR manager, architect.

Aries - Rabbit Taurus - Rabbit Gemini - Rabbit
Cancer - Rabbit Leo - Rabbit Virgo - Rabbit
Libra - Rabbit Scorpio - Rabbit Sagittarius - Rabbit
Capricorn - Rabbit Aquarius - Rabbit Pisches - Rabbit

The relationship between the Rabbit and the other Chinese signs, with little regard to western zodiac signs:
Rat Two chinese zodiac signs that are very housewares, which have nothing in common. They do not understand the depths of their souls. It is forced union that could be improved a bit 'by western zodiac signs. The faithful Rabbit who loves the truth along with Rat astute. Here it goes to end badly.
Ox 2 chinese signs peace-loving in the family. The family has the absolute priority for the two of them. The Rabbit you will subordinate voluntarily to Ox and this will always be proud of his rabbit. Depending on the western signs it might be a good to excellent union.
Tiger The Tiger has a life that looks like a carousel, it will always hurt his Rabbit very homely. However, this will weigh much on the consciousness of the Tiger. Why in the depths of their souls they understand perfectly these two very different beings and complement each other. One day the tiger will calm down and will rely permanently to his Rabbit and together they will pass happy the rest of their lives. Rabbit on the other hand always forgive the solitary journeys around the world of the Tiger.
Rabbit 2 identical signs of the zodiac are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may be bored. Do something!
Dragon The very communicative Rabbit manages to teach a little 'the Dragon. The Dragon is left willingly flatter the Rabbit. In this report, there should be no major problems, except if the western zodiac signs are really contradictory.
Snake The Snake and the Rabbit can live happily together. Rabbit will have to play his great tolerance, then everything will be fine. Our western zodiac signs will be important to this report.
Horse Rabit and Horse live together passionate love. Disputes lively, with a beautiful night of passionate love to make peace, are not excluded. The horse should reduce a bit its activities and the Hare should be a little' more active, then everything would return to normal. This union stands or falls mainly according to our western signs.
Goat The Rabbit and the Goat will furnish together a wonderful and warm house. It will envy for their house and family well-ordered. The Rabbit will take care of his Goat. Not even the western zodiac signs will be able to destroy this relationship. At most to bother a bit if they are in the contrast.
Monkey 2 types sociable, but in principle, completely different. They understand each other well in their mind. The superficiality of Monkey is compensated by the firmness of Rabbit. You help each other to solve all their problems and the Monkey, the lair of the hare is always the safe harbor to dock. This relationship stands or falls according to our western astrological signs.
Rooster Two beings, total different, which does not go well together. Nothing will hold together for life these two.
Dog Rabbit and Dog have complete confidence between them. 2 faithful souls who will not have problems even in love. Our Western signs will not spoil much between these two signs Asians. Only if their are really contradictory, then problems may arise.
Pig Hare and Pig are two souls connected and happy. Together will go very far. It is an unbreakable relationship, then even if the Western zodiac signs are good.