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The Ox

This Chinese zodiac sign does not know the meaning of the words "fear" or "afraid." He does not know what it is. Commands willingly. Does not accept the opinion of others. Outbursts of anger are not excluded, if you do not comply with his orders. Respect the traditions and is very conservative, but often has a gentle soul. One of the most determined signs of the asiatic zodiac. The finances have to be in order, otherwise the call in order with determination. The buffalo you should never attack, otherwise lowers his head and immediately goes into a counterattack. You have been warned ...

The Ox is always with all its four hooves on the ground and is adamant. His character does not show hardly ever the mood swings or ideas. You should never hinder the Ox when it's going towards his goal.
This sign of the zodiac must have him as a friend, because he never betrays his best friends or her family.
At the Ox woman do not care much the emancipation, because he knows that is far superior to any man.

How to conquer the Ox man:
Wanting to conquer a man buffalo is very difficult. Need a lot of patience and perseverance. Accompany him to his events and take an interest in what he does. If you do not care, then forget it.

How to conquer the Ox woman:
Even here need patience and seriousness. The young girl Ox goes perhaps in the disco, but later will not interest it more than that. It needs a gentleman next to her. Invite it first in a traditional restaurant where you can eat well. Men puppets with lots of money are resocialized from the Ox woman, so they can be presented.

Popularity: Or beloved and popular or hated profoundly.

Temperament: It's a bit 'inclined to burst with anger, but otherwise very calm and gentle.

Character: Realist resolutely without any fear, with both his feet nailed to the ground. It can become obstinate, if it obstructs.

Patience: He walks with great and endless patience towards its goal.

Sex: Sex is used to expand the family and gets normally and natural.

Loyalty: Absolutely true! Before betray his partner throws him out of the house.

Family and children: Absolute responsibility towards his family.

Likeliness to impose: The highest imaginable.

Professions: Manager, commanding officer, dictator, President, diligent worker and patient. But even artist.

Aries - Ox Taurus - Ox Gemini - Ox
Cancer - Ox Leo - Ox Virgo - Ox
Libra - Ox Scorpio - Ox Sagittarius - Ox
Capricorn - Ox Aquarius - Ox Pisches - Ox

The relationship between the Ox and the other Chinese signs, with little regard to western zodiac signs:
Rat The contrasts attract, even if two signs are completely different. Ox and the Rat you understand the depths of their souls. The strict and firm Ox always loves her little Rat and Rat to be protected from Ox. Excellent union, where occidental signs may only disturb a bit. If, however, the occidental signs are good with each other, then no one will be able to destroy this pair.
Ox 2 identical signs of the zodiac are always harmonious with each other. But beware, you may be bored. Do something!
Tiger The Ox and the Tiger does not ever understand. Even if the western signs are great between them. The Tiger rebel, freedom-loving, it never will subordinate to Ox, even if that tempts us throughout life. Here the signs Western could help a lot, but only if they are great between them. Otherwise you should leave it alone or take over certainly a catastrophe.
Rabbit Two chinese signs peace-loving in the family. The family has the absolute priority for the two of them. The Rabbit you will subordinate voluntarily to Ox and this will always be proud of his rabbit. Depending on the western signs it might be a good to excellent union.
Dragon 2 different characters with a completely different point of view on daily chores. This is not a good relationship. Perhaps the western zodiac signs it could create a good marriage. But even if these did not go well, then you should leave it alone.
Snake Snake and Ox they understand in their minds, but the snake could poison the Ox. This not like the escapades and never forgive this. Signs Western, though good between them, this union could help to make a good relationship.
Horse The horse, a lover of freedom, with the Ox who wants his family in its enclosure. The horse will never want to "grow mold" in his barn. In the long term will make a nice horse jump over the fence and will never be seen again. Perhaps the western signs could make this report passable, but only if they are great between them.
Goat A union between the Ox lover of reality with the imaginative artist Goat. A relationship that is not good. Fantasy and the bleating of the Goat could break the last nerve at Ox. Only two western signs excellent among them, this relationship could become passable.
Monkey Here they are two completely different signs, but they understand very well the depths of their souls. As if there was a telepathic connection between them. In addition, both are not very altruistic. With two western signs that fit between them it could be a union for life.
Rooster Rooster and Ox are two signs highly conservative. Together they can always achieve a good financial approval. Since the Gallo will subordinate willingly to Ox, will be able to better withstand even the too many nights without sex. The western zodiac signs could make this union indestructible, if they are good between them.
Dog Between Dog and the Ox lacks the deep relationship between their souls. Otherwise they would be a couple passable. The western zodiac signs are crucial to this report and are capable of destroying or make good this union.
Pig Between these two signs missing the relationship between their souls. Otherwise it would be a couple congruent in their desires and social views. Also here are the determinants western zodiac signs which are able to strengthen or destroy this union.