Sagittarius - Monkey

The double sign of the zodiac Sagittarius - Monkey

This Monkey wants to be even more in the center of attention. Its shouldered will resent very quickly. Only his opinion up and down is important and everyone has to obey immediately. The Sagittarius-Monkey believed to be good the rest of the world. It is one cocky.

team player here you should not try, but maybe a team suited to this sign. This is a Monkey right, that never goes out on the bodies, but certainly over the dead enemies. In addition, the Monkey by a little 'patience in Sagittarius.

The Monkey-Sagittarius requires an independent profession. Then you will go far.

This is a double sign of the zodiac where the women will be more successful than men. Also because women do not risk too much and have more patience.

The Monkey will take care of her children.

The spouse or partner here needs good boots and a good backpack and must always pay attention to competitors. Any attempt to re-education will be vainly. The hotel room is more important than the bedroom every day and you should try something new. The Monkey-Sagittarius always exploit his sexual superpower for their own purposes.

Prominent people VIP Sagittarius-Monkey:
Hanni_Wenzel 14.12.1956
Gianni_Morandi 11.12.1944
Wendi Deng Murdoch 8.12.1968
Christina_Aguilera 18.12.1980

The Sagittarius  November 22 - December 20

The impulsive and optimistic Sagittarius, which remains almost always friendly. He wants to improve the world. A speaker convincing. Its mission is justice. Unfortunately only he knows how. For this reason it is not eligible to be a judge, because it would take place immediately for a party.

A boss too hard, which often is not accepted, although inside the shell there is only the good. A tireless worker immediately ready to help his colleagues, but then does not have the patience to explain the same thing 2 times. This is the "quietest" among the signs of the fire.

Her expectations are too high in the world. For the community goes above and beyond.

Often friend animals and nature. Conservative, but tolerant to new ideas. A positive thinker.

How to conquer the Sagittarius man:
Get yourself invited to a Sagittarius man walk in the mountains or by the sea. Or to a mount between the green meadows. Even a bike ride would not hurt. Take along some good sandwiches and show them to be orderly and socially. If you feel within you the need to be home too, then perhaps, it might be the wrong one.

How to conquer the Sagittarius woman:
La donna Sagittario si può prendere nei vostri viaggi o andare a frugare in oggetti d'antiquariato con lei. Then look to have enough room in the car for all that you have purchased it. Take walks with her and her dog. It will meet you if you want. Otherwise it will remain a good friend for your whole life.

The Monkey

The mobile and easy Monkey loves the big show and be the center of attention. It is always ready for new jokes to make others ridiculous. The opinion of others is not interested in the monkey. She knows, that always manages to impose itself to others. Very sociable and friend to all. But it has very few or even no true friend. They are always ready to do a new joke.

Divorced and remarried often. To the outside are realistic and within themselves in a world of dreams. The ideas never fail to a monkey. The truth is not an important thing, because it does not match with their virtual world. The monkeys do what they want to do and not what corresponds to the norm.
If necessary, the monkey can lose any scruple. Many elite tennis players are born under this sign. Even supermodels and other actresses carry this zodiac sign. The woman monkey it can always impose.

How to conquer the Monkey man:
As a woman you should be dressed very sexy but it does not matter if classic or jeans. The flatter so late. Let yourself be seduced because this gorilla out to show what it is capable of doing. And frank laugh when he makes one of his jokes. You can also behave non-conformist. It would help a lot.

How to conquer the Monkey woman:
It is very difficult to win a woman because monkey will always succeed in breaking toward men. But she loves the intellectual type. Dimostratele to be smart and have their own view, sure of yourself. Luxurious places too could become boring for the monkey. But perhaps you should first check the sign of the West. Be careful that you do not get bored. Otherwise you've seen forever.

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