Sagittarius - Horse

The double sign of the zodiac Sagittarius - Horse

2 signs restless in a single pack. The elephant in the porcelain. This sign is not capable of sitting for long. A hyperactive child on which they throw the psychologists childhood and indicate hyperactivity, Ritalin and other nonsense. Stallion and Mare Sagittarius are idealists who believe that they always do what is right, however, observe the rules of the game. This dual sign always stumble on "wants to impose itself immediately." It is an excellent grenadier of the army. The Horse-Sagittarius gives the orders and do not want to hear orders from anyone.

This dual sign is capable of submitting to a superior intelligent that lets freedoms. Then make outstanding performance during his work. They work diligently and persistently. It is also here 2 zodiac signs who love freedom above anything else.

Before the Horse-Sagittarius you must fall in love, only then can we speak of a union. The rivals who want the same partner will have to be very careful. It would be better if it put safe. A Sagittarius Horse necessity of pure freedom and out of a door is always open. Do not forget it. The bedroom should be able to withstand a large depreciation. Only solid beds and soundproofed walls will be eligible.

Prominent people VIP Sagittarius-Horse:
Alexander Solschenizyn 11.12.1918
Chris Evert 21.12.1954

The Sagittarius  November 22 - December 20

The impulsive and optimistic Sagittarius, which remains almost always friendly. He wants to improve the world. A speaker convincing. Its mission is justice. Unfortunately only he knows how. For this reason it is not eligible to be a judge, because it would take place immediately for a party.

A boss too hard, which often is not accepted, although inside the shell there is only the good. A tireless worker immediately ready to help his colleagues, but then does not have the patience to explain the same thing 2 times. This is the "quietest" among the signs of the fire.

Her expectations are too high in the world. For the community goes above and beyond.

Often friend animals and nature. Conservative, but tolerant to new ideas. A positive thinker.

How to conquer the Sagittarius man:
Get yourself invited to a Sagittarius man walk in the mountains or by the sea. Or to a mount between the green meadows. Even a bike ride would not hurt. Take along some good sandwiches and show them to be orderly and socially. If you feel within you the need to be home too, then perhaps, it might be the wrong one.

How to conquer the Sagittarius woman:
La donna Sagittario si può prendere nei vostri viaggi o andare a frugare in oggetti d'antiquariato con lei. Then look to have enough room in the car for all that you have purchased it. Take walks with her and her dog. It will meet you if you want. Otherwise it will remain a good friend for your whole life.

The Horse

The horses love freedom more than anything else. But also freedom in making decisions. They decide themselves what is right or not. This Chinese Zodiac sign has many principles, and a high sense of justice. It is very unpredictable, capricious and especially impatient. They are very generous in giving, even when you do not want anything. They do not give anything when you want something. Respect and gratitude on the part of others are very important for the horse. They always have the right answer, and they love to stand in the middle of the big show. The horses go with his head through the walls when they want something. Their hard head is well known.

How to conquer the Stallion:
If you go by bike or on the bike, then throw off its own chain (without realizing it) and ask the stallion help. He will help you right away. Then you thank him, making him know that great man is he. Then they may invite him to the next shop for sandwiches. If he says no let him go immediately and try to have his mobile phone number. A couple of days later, he can thank again with the phone. Warning: Do not ever pull the reins too hard, otherwise restive and runs away.

How to conquer the Mare:
You can easily flatter the mare. Tell her every time you see it: that beautiful stature that he has and that take your breath away for its femininity. This will help a lot. The mare you may invite anywhere, maybe check out Western astrology before making an invitation. Even here we must be careful: do not ever pull the reins too hard, otherwise restive and runs away.

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