Sagittarius - Tigre

The double sign of the zodiac Sagittarius - Tiger

Welcome to the famous Sagittarius-Tiger! This is a Tiger with the eloquence of the Sagittarius. Both Sagittarius, as well as Tiger, loves freedom. Both hate conformity. A boat well decorated as a home, it would not hurt for the Tiger-Sagittarius. But perhaps a plane with a lot of bedroom and kitchen would be even better. At events and parties they love to go to "hunt for prey."

You should find a job that is suited to this dual zodiac sign. Certainly not a pilot, because all the regulations that a pilot must observe very disturbing. But the courier would not hurt. It would also be great revolutionary. Do not forget Mary Stuart, who wanted to impose at all costs. Or Beethoven, who refused to bow down before to the royal family. Charles de Gaulle, who did not want to do what was imposed by the French government. But we will not forget Joseph Stalin .......

This dual sign should marry only after 35 years of age. First, only if you find the partner you want to do a couple of laps of the world in 80 days.

In a marriage the Sagittarius-Tiger feels like in a cage. This made her the partner should always keep in mind. If it leave completely free then always return back. Only the absolute tolerance you can get here the desired fidelity. It is excellent with children. In the bedroom or hotel room requires full passion. If you do not want to give, then go find another zodiac sign.

Prominent people VIP Sagittarius-Tigre:
Maria Stuart 8.12.1542
Ludwig van Beethoven 17.12.1770
Charles de Gaulle 22.11.1890
Fritz Lang 5.12.1890
Joseph Stalin 18.12.1878

The Sagittarius  November 22 - December 20

The impulsive and optimistic Sagittarius, which remains almost always friendly. He wants to improve the world. A speaker convincing. Its mission is justice. Unfortunately only he knows how. For this reason it is not eligible to be a judge, because it would take place immediately for a party.

A boss too hard, which often is not accepted, although inside the shell there is only the good. A tireless worker immediately ready to help his colleagues, but then does not have the patience to explain the same thing 2 times. This is the "quietest" among the signs of the fire.

Her expectations are too high in the world. For the community goes above and beyond.

Often friend animals and nature. Conservative, but tolerant to new ideas. A positive thinker.

How to conquer the Sagittarius man:
Get yourself invited to a Sagittarius man walk in the mountains or by the sea. Or to a mount between the green meadows. Even a bike ride would not hurt. Take along some good sandwiches and show them to be orderly and socially. If you feel within you the need to be home too, then perhaps, it might be the wrong one.

How to conquer the Sagittarius woman:
La donna Sagittario si può prendere nei vostri viaggi o andare a frugare in oggetti d'antiquariato con lei. Then look to have enough room in the car for all that you have purchased it. Take walks with her and her dog. It will meet you if you want. Otherwise it will remain a good friend for your whole life.

The Tiger

The Tiger is undisciplined and risks willingly. An unpredictable idealist. Always in blujeans. Globetrotter unabated. Does not care about the formalities. Very sociable. In what he wants to do is very determined, rather undecided about what she does not care much. Love freedom more than anything. Goes crazy if locked in the house. The tiger is incorrigible optimist. He is not afraid of anything and is very determined.
The Tigers are getting what they want to do. Even if they are half dead on the ground, and trampled stunned, then get up and continue the road that they wanted to take.

It is a leader, stubborn but you can criticize whenever you want. Accept criticism.
It also gives to a stranger his last shirt. The material assets and the money is not very interested at this individualist.
In hunting and in disputes the tiger is unpredictable and can not be calculated. This is its real strong.
Warning: The tiger you can jump him from behind a bush. There, where no one would have expected. And if the tiger is seriously injured, then retreats into the jungle to lick his wounds. And when everyone believes that now is dead and eaten by worms, then jump you upon unexpectedly.

How to conquer the Tiger man:
Here you can serve very lovingly tease the Tiger man. Provoking a little the Tiger man, can be useful. Invite him to the next snack-bar. There, standing at the table, you can get a little closer.

How to conquer the Tiger woman:
The woman Tiger you can expect to picnic on top of the highest mountain in your region. Or behind a waterfall of a river. Even a trip in a rowing boat would not hurt. But do not forget to bring back some good sandwiches and mineral water. And provoking she a little with great affection. But everything has its limit. Do not provoke the woman tiger too, because this, when he's had enough of you is able to jump out of an airplane without a parachute, or diving into the water and swim to shore.

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