Gemini - Pig

The double sign of the zodiac Gemini - Pig

It is here a cheerful fellow who often changes his way, but it always reaches the goal. Are a happy Gemini and a eloquent Pig. It has a lot of success in society. The places where you shoot, they always avoided this double sign because he hates violence. The envy, malice and disputes not interested at this sign.

In management's plans, this sign feels at uncomfortable. Unless he it is the owner of the company.

The Pig will always take care of his family to which will not miss anything.

The partner of this double zodiac sign should accept the joy of this being. And the fact that this double sign does not want to make a career in the workplace, but rather wants to be independent. In addition, the partners should fully resume the household finances. The Pig will not be opposed. If the partner does everything - especially the professional independence of the Pig-Gemini - then it will open the heaven on earth. Do not forget: the Gemini have to go out in the evening once a week, then back to the Pig willingly in his stable. The bedroom is of medium importance.

Prominent people VIP Gemini-Pig:
Blaise Pascal 19.06.1623
Thomas Mann 6.06.1875
Suzanne Lenglen 24.05.1899

The Gemini  May 21 - June 21

The powerful of the gemini is the communication, curiosity and quick thoughts. Eloquent, elusive and contradictory. The Gemini would always make a lot of things simultaneously, are always too many things at once. Especially the young Geminis are restless and always on the go. Each week a new goal.
Like all air signs, the twins love luxury, and good behavior. They hate the pointless violence.
Gemini is able, the next morning, to change their ideas and lifestyle, because their intelligence always try something new, and so are able to make an unexpected turn of 180 .
They are diplomatic, tolerant and freedom-loving. They are not ready to submit, but even to subdue. They were born individualists.
Geminis did not say what they think, because their thoughts are subject to an absolute privacy. Will always say what you want to hear.
Geminis are part of the most irrational and misunderstood persons. Without the brilliance, irrationality and imagination of the gemini, our world would be a gray and gloomy planet.

How to conquer the Gemini man:
The man born under the sign of Gemini you can win only with intelligence, communication and let live. And all this only for a short period. You have to talk intelligently and behave like a lady, then you have a little luck.

How to conquer the Gemini woman:
Yet the woman born under the sign of Gemini you can win with intelligence and communication, but above all with impeccable behavior of gentleman. Forget the final conquest of the woman of the gemini. There will never let her enter the virtual world.

The Pig

The happy and honest Pig. Diligent and laborious. At the workplace the most popular subordinated and most loved boss. It think positively. The Pig knows how to live the sweet life. But is fooled easily because of his honesty and respect towards others. Sometimes loses all his money because of his partner. Nevertheless gets up and continues his life positively. Sometimes a few extra pounds since it is also a gourmet.
The Pig hates bickering and wailing.

How to conquer the Pig man:
To win over the Pig must put some sexy and she undertakes a part of seduction, as the Pig is a bit' shy. Chats a bit with him and show them that you find that the world is beautiful. Do not speak badly about others. Try to lure him with a good home cooked meal. He likes to see an apartment is well furnished and a good meal on the table. The rest of the seduction you need to do. If you definitely grab, then keep it to life, because it is a super-father and a super-husband.

How to conquer the Pig woman:
Do not get to discuss with the woman Pig. He does not like threads. Do not criticize anyone or anything. But a nice journey into nature and an excellent restaurant make soften this positive thinker. It is you who has to take something, that's what you want the woman Pig. As with all other women should look flawless. Classic or bluejeans, it does not matter. Do not forget that the woman Pig catches for life, not for a single adventure.

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