Gemini - Dragon

The double sign of the zodiac Gemini - Dragon

It is a lightning ball that moves quickly.

Even this sign, in its infancy, is a victim of psychologists discussing hyperactivity, Ritalin and drugs to calm the baby. If this is not enough to fill the child of psychotropic drugs and other crap will not stand up to what a calm. Why psychologists will never understand why this kid is so smart always in motion. But it would be enough simply the football field by day, hour karate evening and two parents who do it run.

The Gemini-Dragon are very generous in taking life as it is. Always tend to help the slaves and mistreated creatures and are often friends of the animals.

The agreements made in the time schedule, are not important for them. Often start many trades and have different interests. Do not remain long in the same place. They are quite capable of changing at any time the craft.

The woman Gemini-Dragon is the perfect lover. It is attractive, feminine and irresistible. Among men, there are many Gemini-Dragon Casanova.

The partner should have good boots and a rucksack, and should always be very careful to competition .....

Prominent people VIP Gemini-Dragon:
Ché Guevara 14.06.1928
Lindsay Davenport 8.06.1976

The Gemini  May 21 - June 21

The powerful of the gemini is the communication, curiosity and quick thoughts. Eloquent, elusive and contradictory. The Gemini would always make a lot of things simultaneously, are always too many things at once. Especially the young Geminis are restless and always on the go. Each week a new goal.
Like all air signs, the twins love luxury, and good behavior. They hate the pointless violence.
Gemini is able, the next morning, to change their ideas and lifestyle, because their intelligence always try something new, and so are able to make an unexpected turn of 180 .
They are diplomatic, tolerant and freedom-loving. They are not ready to submit, but even to subdue. They were born individualists.
Geminis did not say what they think, because their thoughts are subject to an absolute privacy. Will always say what you want to hear.
Geminis are part of the most irrational and misunderstood persons. Without the brilliance, irrationality and imagination of the gemini, our world would be a gray and gloomy planet.

How to conquer the Gemini man:
The man born under the sign of Gemini you can win only with intelligence, communication and let live. And all this only for a short period. You have to talk intelligently and behave like a lady, then you have a little luck.

How to conquer the Gemini woman:
Yet the woman born under the sign of Gemini you can win with intelligence and communication, but above all with impeccable behavior of gentleman. Forget the final conquest of the woman of the gemini. There will never let her enter the virtual world.

The Dragon

The casanova, the courtesan, the idealist. A person overactive and high vitality. The dragon has charisma. This Chinese zodiac sign love freedom more than anything else. Any adventure becomes the dragon. He has many friends and is always on the move. He is not afraid of anything or anyone. It is highly confident in themselves and to be able to overcome any obstacle, flying over him majestically.
The opinion of others is not interested in the dragon. A savings account is not necessary. They have a magical charm. No man can resist a dragon lady. Women dragon never reveal their love affairs.
The dragon is always frank and outspoken and says what he thinks.
But the old Chinese saying: Be careful, a dragon is almost always of paper.

How to conquer the Dragon man:
Let us invite you to a party man-dragon, or go to that party where there is also him. Dress elegant, classic and very feminine. The dragon man can hook up with the classic femininity. And do not say yes right away, because it must have the feeling of having conquered.

How to conquer the Dragon woman:
The dragon lady you must try to be a smart man. Invite him in an exclusive resort. Exclusive restaurant, or work around the cultural world. The dragon is very emancipated woman and not know what to make of men puppet.

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