Capricorn - Monkey

The double sign of the zodiac Capricorn - Monkey

2 souls in the heart. The careful and calm Capricorn, with the superficial Monkey, laughing happily. Nevertheless impose itself everywhere, because both the Monkey as the Capricorn are quite capable to establish themselves. The enemies are left aside by the Monkey, who is not interested in any of them, and so the Capricorn can take care of his work.

Has few, real and exceptional friends.

It is a double sign of the zodiac that no one will ever be able to stop at the workplace.

The Capricorn will always take care of his family.

Looking for a partner with a little feel that neglects the many small errors of the Monkey and Capricorn. The Monkey will then be true, if the partner is the right one. The Monkey will prevent the Capricorn become a sergeant major, and also bring a little joy in the family and will give everything he has to the right partner. The Capricorn instead consolidate the foundation of the family. The bedroom is very important.

Prominent people VIP Capricorn-Monkey:
Michael Schumacher 3.01.1969
Dalida 17.01.1933
Friedrich_Dürrenmatt 5.01.1921

The Capricorn   December 21 - January 19

Capricorn is a realist who works hard to achieve his goal. This zodiac sign of success needs to be satisfied. The man and woman born under this sign stand with their foot stuck in the ground. Though the Capricorn needs its own personal account at the bank and its untouchable self, a spouse will still perfect. With the right partner remains faithful all his life.
With the money Capricorn we can do and if the Capricorn man does not have enough money, then marries the money. Love surely follow. It may very well put together with love and money and remains faithful to a spouse. Very conservative. The disco is not so important.
His few friends can never complain.
Capricorn is a serious person, determined and constant.

How to conquer the Capricorn man:
The Capricorn man is very cautious in love. Wanting to seduce a Capricorn man is very difficult. Perseverance and patience will be your forte. He does not like it at all if you throw the first time. At least you do not know him long ago. Tell him it's the best of the best and let them see that you are not a spendthrift.

How to conquer the Capricorn woman:
The Capricorn woman is also very cautious. Tell him how beautiful and make her laugh. Be a bit 'of time for the "first time". Then you will have for life a package great for day and night.

The Monkey

The mobile and easy Monkey loves the big show and be the center of attention. It is always ready for new jokes to make others ridiculous. The opinion of others is not interested in the monkey. She knows, that always manages to impose itself to others. Very sociable and friend to all. But it has very few or even no true friend. They are always ready to do a new joke.

Divorced and remarried often. To the outside are realistic and within themselves in a world of dreams. The ideas never fail to a monkey. The truth is not an important thing, because it does not match with their virtual world. The monkeys do what they want to do and not what corresponds to the norm.
If necessary, the monkey can lose any scruple. Many elite tennis players are born under this sign. Even supermodels and other actresses carry this zodiac sign. The woman monkey it can always impose.

How to conquer the Monkey man:
As a woman you should be dressed very sexy but it does not matter if classic or jeans. The flatter so late. Let yourself be seduced because this gorilla out to show what it is capable of doing. And frank laugh when he makes one of his jokes. You can also behave non-conformist. It would help a lot.

How to conquer the Monkey woman:
It is very difficult to win a woman because monkey will always succeed in breaking toward men. But she loves the intellectual type. Dimostratele to be smart and have their own view, sure of yourself. Luxurious places too could become boring for the monkey. But perhaps you should first check the sign of the West. Be careful that you do not get bored. Otherwise you've seen forever.

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